Attracting Buyers

Well, this is for the group. I've been very active placing ads on Craig's List, Backpage, and Exigoo trying to get buyers. I've also contacted ads in those areas that "pay cash for houses" to get some bird-dogging action. Question; is there something I'm overlooking? If I were moble enough I would consider joining a real estate club.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

send someone

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to foreclosure auctions to gather info from the cash buyers bidding at the auction, create your list and then contact them with your deals,assign deal and get your assignment fee

Mike can you explain please

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Mike would you explain this what do you mean "to foreclosure auctions to gather info from the cash buyers bidding at the auction"



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Thank you for the timely response and important suggestion.

kathy Mike is talking about

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going to auctions, not for the purpose of bidding, but to sit in the back and observe who is actually doing all the bidding. Try to hand out your cards with a short elevator speech and tell them you find houses at well below fair market value. It is to network and find real buyers. Tammy

Canadian buyers

We are Canadians, looking to buy vacation properties in The strip between Deerfield beach to Lake Worth. Ideally Ocean front condos. Foreclosure/rehabs preferred. We would need info from the condo board on state of the building/contingency fund, state of the HOA fees for this particular unit, and number of vacant units, or those in foreclosure. It may be better if there are many of those, if we can put together an investment team here.

Is anyone aware of a lawyer and accountant that is used to dealing with Canadians owning rental ppty in Florida??? We need to build our team!

Thanks everyone!

Looking for Vacation properties

Thanks Karen and Lennie.

We are looking for vacation condos in the Deerfield beach to Lake Worth strip, preferably on the beach, vacant, bank owned or VERY motivated seller. We are still in the process of finding a lawyer and accountant who can help us with our U.S. investments

Vacation property

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Sorry for the delay. I've passed your request to my local partner. I'll let you know.


house needed for a buyer

Hi REI club
I have a buyer already approved for loan for 100k
need house before new year in one of the following zipcodes
33125 33129 33130 33133 33134 33135 33137 33138 33143 33146 33155 33173

this would be my first deal
Let's make it win win

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