"Chicago Area Networking"

This is for someone who is looking to meet others in the Chicago Area. Meetings/Networking sessions will move around the Cook Co. and Lake Co. area. Time will also vary for those who can't meet at "normal times".
Please check often to see if you can attend and do some networking.
If you are attending an upcoming seminar meet front of the room (right corner) when looking at the speaker after. From there we can make a time and meet again and keep networking.
Send a pm to group leader and we can set up a time and place for our group to meet.

REO Financing Is Available

Financing is available to get borrowers into bank-owned properties. Even though there is not the wide variety of mortgage products that were around a few years ago, prospective home-buyers can get loans thru FHA, VA and of course, conventioanl means.

Yes, if you are an independent contractor and cannot show a W-2 that you get from your employer, it's much more difficult to find somebody to finance you, but it can be done.

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