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Chicagoland area (Northwest Suburbs)
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I have had my real estate license in Illinois since 2006 and I specialize in Real Estate by auction. I am going to keep moving until I can buy my own real estate investments. I have my deals fall through that I thought would work out, but I keep moving in the direction needed!

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Hi Adam here just wanted to introduce my self I am a new REI in Chicago concentrating in the Logan sq. Albany pk & Belmont Creig areas of the city I am looking to network with local REI's and gain as much knowledge as I can. My email is drop me a note.

Thanks Adam B.

Cheap suburban fixers

Have any investors here on the chicago REI group checked out the foreclosure situation in Park Forest, IL. A once thriving community of affordable housing has been reduced to a haven for investors and great deals for 1st time home buyers. Housing that can be bought for 10-20 cents on the dollar.
I would like to hear the opinions of the other investors about this area



Hello, I am a new REI in Chicago and I am in the process of getting started. I am the step of looking for a good mortgage broker and I am also looking to start networking. I am very excited/ a little nervous. Just wanted to say hi and also see when you all might be meeting so I can get a few pointers.


Giving this a try

I'm new to the forum and real estate. I reside on the south side of Chicago near Midway airport. I'm not a Chicago native, but have lived in Logan Square, Lakeview, and River West within the past 6 years. I currently work in Lincoln Park as well.

I'd like to meet some people established in this industry. Even if you're not established, I'd like to exchange ideas or talk if it would benefit either one of us. I would even volunteer my free-time if it amounted to anything (as an apprentice would). I'm not your typical run-of-the-mill individual either. I'm quite talented in a wide variety of things. I'm merely missing direction and opportunity to make the income I desire.

Feel free to PM or email me with any comments, interests, opportunities or merely networking.


A Not So New Newbie

Hi everyone, I have been following Dean for some time, but was afraid to jump in. Not anymore. I guess it takes some longer than others. I live in the Edgewater community on the northside of Chicago and looking to network with others to really get things going.

I need to gather a good team to work with, and willing to work with others for team efforts at acquiring and selling real estate. I too want to know when and where the next investing meeting is.

Anyone can e-mail me at anytime.

Here's hoping to do some business soon.

Highlights from the meeting

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I was not able to attend the meeting recently held. What were some of the highlights and what did the group want to accomplish. I would be intereted in attending when the meeting is in Chicago, downtown.

Primie in REI

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I'm just starting out and looking to make connections with those who want to buy and sell real estate, I am also a Realtor, I do short sales, and want to meet like minded people. I'd be interested in attending a meeting.
I just started reading Dean's Books and wanted to meet others who already have started in REI. Pls inform me of any meetings... Thx
Martha Q

Meeting Others In Chicago for Info and Insight.

Hey, Okay, I'v been reading these post from people in Chicago wanting to get started (including me). So Let's get started. Anyone that has at least a suggestion on where and when we can all meet, let me know. I'll start by suggestiing the North side of Chicago. Please e-mail or Pm me soon.

God Speed to all.


Hello Julie.

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Hello Julie:
What would you know about buying cash flow notes from Banks, and private owners ? I currently reside in the DuPage county area and am looking into the huge advantages of buying bank owned Cash Flow notes and Tax Lien Certificates.
I would like establishing contact with anyone from my area in hopes of moving forward and establishing a home base group of like minded investors and individuals like you. Do you think that would be something you might be open to ?



Hi, my name is Bill. I am new to the group, as of today. I bought Deans CDs a few months ago; but just now have the time & drive to start using the info: I use to own up to a few months ago, a Program based Housing business, I housed at-need populations, such as Veterans, HIV impacted, Battered Woman, and Mental Health challenged individuals. I was self-funded.I should of owned the property instead of leasing!I was doing fairly well, until I listen to someone I trusted at the time, who suggested that I change my client base, which was a big mistake on my part!Any way. My goal is to house (600) people over the next (24) months, sharing a room for program based Housing. My projected gross would be around 3.4 Mil, my operating expenses around 1.2Mil, Netting around 2mil.I am looking for people to partners with for this opportunity. Also I am seeking other like minded people to Network with, as well as learn from. I would be available to meet with prior notice any time. if someone is interested they can contact me directly @(773)495-0882.


Hello All

Hello All

Request meeting info


Please let me know if there are any meetings anywhere this coming weekend of Oct 8th or Oct9th of 2011 in Chicago in any of these areas Schaumburg, Vernon Hills, Buffalo Grove, Hoffman Estates, Dundee, Palatine or Itasca. I would like to attend.


Another newbie

I am just getting started in REI but I am an experienced former realtor, loan officer and Loss Mitigation Specialist. I am going the wholesale route for now until I get the $ to buy my own properties. I'm most familiar with the Schaumburg area and Leyden Township. Please let me know where/when you're meeting next so I can get to know you, and hopefully we can make some $ together!em is

Thanks! Tom


Hi again! I didn't realize my email address would be hidden. Please PM me. Thanks!


Getting started

I'm from the Chicago area also, South side of Chicago. I had always wanted to be into real estate but never put the effort in to doing it. I would love to meet people like yourself who motivated and willing. I'm new at this so which means I still have a lot to learn. Maybe we can chat sometime about meeting up with people who can push both of us in the right direction. GOD BLESS. And good luck on the success.

First Time Out

Hi,my name is Fred and I`ve live in Chicago all of my life.I`m totally new to this and I`m strictly interested in the Wholesale aspect of the RE Business. I would love to network with folks in Chicago in hopes our associations can be mutually beneficial. Hope we can chat soon.

With Kind Regards,

Fred Moore

Great Deals in Chicagoland

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Hey Guys,
If you are interested,I have a direct contact with my Banker for Bank Owned Properties in Chicago. Please email me for more info.

Talk to you soon,

Eric P

REI Partners

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Hi All:

I recently attended a seminar and also took the class. Now I'm building my Power Team would welcome the opportunity to partner with like minded REIs in Chicago and southern cook county.
Is there a meeting planed soon?

Best regards,

Chicago Network

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Hello Family, Looking to network with others in the Chicago Market. I have direct access to off market multifamily properties.

Hello Everyone! My name is

Hello Everyone!

My name is Lamees. I am new to this forum and just want to say thanks to the Admin for accepting me here. I hope to spend a good time with all of you. Thank you.

Looking to network with you!

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Hello Team. I'm Sean. I'm located in the south suburbs of Matteson, IL. I'm looking to build a team of strong like minded professionals to make our dream work. I'm also new but I've been making aggressive offers to motivated sellers and I've been building up my buyers list. I feel very close to closing out my first deal. I'm trying to connect with a person who has experience as a loan officer, property management, other real estate investors etc. I'm also looking for a real estate lawyer who I can be referred to once I lock down a deal. Lets see how we can make this a win/win for all of us!



Are you still active

Pm me your contact info, email