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Hello NY investors,

this post should help anyone who does not understand the closing process

Ideal Harlem, NY brownstone for investor

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I have control of a Harlem, NY brownstone 1 family 7 unit SRO in need of complete renovation.

Home can be bought for $500k on the spot. Owner is in desperate need to sell and looking for right buyer.

Brownstone is centrally located in Harlem mere blocks away from 125th St and all the amenities of the area are at your feet.

Serious inquiries only please

buffalo investors

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My partner and i just got into the real estate investing world two months ago. We are having a hard time getting things accomplished here. everyone is very closed minded and we keep getting told that we need licensing to do what we are doing. We are being told that we will be prosecuted... it's really raining on our parade. we keep plugging away though. Does anyone have any experience investing in the Queen city??


We have 2 section 8 houses in Buffalo. I came across this flyer: "THE MAYOR’S ANTI-FLIPPING TASK FORCE."
He does not want outside investors to come in flip the
houses then leave and not maintain the properties. This is probably why you are feeling resistance.

my advice is read the full document and re-assure the power to be that your intentions are good.

Looking forward to seeing your progress

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