County Clerk and Probate Attorneys idea worked for me

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I just had a thought in reading through this posting.

Attorneys handle ALL estate/will/probate needs for the family going through this tough time. Contact your nearest groups of probate attorneys. Let them know who you are and what you are looking to do and how they can help you and you can help the surviving family members.

Some of these attorneys also handle divorces, bankruptcies, and other needs as well. That is and great source for these markets to get the inside info. All you need is 1 or 2 attorneys that agree to work with you to take advantage.

Research and ask these lawyers lots of questions up front to see how many cases they handle (probate, divorce or both, bankruptcy, etc.) The more cases, the better chance of getting more opportunities.

Another option is to check your county clerk website (if available) about their process on viewing or obtaining copies of the probate documents (court records).
One county I lived in had the index system online so I can view and print the court records for free and this had the addresses of real property, as well as a list of all other property to be given out or distributed and to whom. It also had the name and addresses of the executor or personal rep. I think one had a phone #, but a mailer to the address of the P.R. and the property under probate would give you a great chance of informing them you are interested in purchasing their property.

While writing this, I just went to my county's record clerk website (moved here a month ago) and clicked on the probate link and now can see by date (I can search by name, docket or case #, as well) and now have a list of all cases handled that day. The info shows the applicant's (Executor/P.R.) name with address along with the attorney's address and phone number. It also shows if the case is closed or open. If it's closed it means that the estate is ready to distribute all real and other property.


You should try this where you live and see what happens. Please respond back to this if you pursue this and get an offer accepted or deal closed, or PM me. I'm interested.

I will do the same. Hopefully, I'll have a few offers going out next week and have 1 or 2 of those accepted.

I hope this helped those interested in probate REI.


Awesome Idea...

I listened to Indiana Joe's conference call with Dean and they also talked about this but more along the lines of looking for contacts for estate sales... I'm a new investor and have been making headway meeting other investors in order to build my buyers list. I haven't called any probate attorneys yet but I looked through our local newspaper this weekend and there were 11 ads for estate sales in our area.

Thanks for posting this... its a great idea. I plan on contacting estate sales, auction companies that specialize in estates, and probate attorneys in the next couple of weeks. I'd be interested in hearing about which approaches you used and had good responses. Thanks... Bruce


I am new and want to learn all there is about probate. All help will be appreciated.. Thanks Mainship

thanks for posting

Wow, That is an ingenious idea. I really like the way that you posted that and appreciate your participation. I'll have to try extra

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