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Cedar Creek Enterprises
Camino, Ca, Houston, Tx
About Me: 

We are a 2 member partnership with advanced training and contact with Coaches and our Mentor at our disposal. We both have complimentary skills, experiences and talents that allow to perform all functions in this crazy housing and real estate market with Unity and Purpose.

We love networking with other investors from D.G. land and everywhere else on this planet.

John Hamilton and Connie Donley

Our King, REI, relationhsips, golfing, learning until our brains explode, the Future, pretty long list...

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Real Estate Acquisition, Wholesaler, Probate, REO Investors, anything that can utilize our talents
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68k Fixer

I would love to get more info on this property. Please PM me with details, including the address.

Thank you,

Scott Roe

John and Connie

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Thanks for stoping by. God bless the both of you.

Our first home was in Camino when we moved up here to Nor Cal.

We should get together some time.

Steve and Veronica.

RE Investor in New York

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Im a real estate investor in New York City and have been doing a lot of research and finding some really awesome deals in the area. If you are interested in ridiculously low priced deals, Im willing to bird dog or work on contract with you. Contact me asap so we can work together and create win win situations for both of us!!!!


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Aloha & Mahalo!

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