Distressed Beverly Hills Contemporary Home with Great Equity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Investors

If you are interested or know someone that may be interested. Email or have them me immediately, because I have access to a Prime deal!

I have available and direct to the seller a 1st Trust Deed note for a contemporary
single family home located in Beverly Hills in a Multi Million Dollar location.

Built in 1978, the property is a 2409 SF Tri-Level 3 bedroom and 3 bath home located on
a 6,882 SF lot in BHPO above the Beverly Hills Hotel on a quite serene cul-de-sac.

The property offers spectacular unobstructed city and ocean views from all rooms
as well as from the gorgeous sun deck with large swimmers pool!

The note is in default as of April 2011 and the note holder is willing to sell the
note at a small discount as the property has plenty of equity.

Property Appraised in April of 2011 for $1,025,000.00
Original Loan Amount was $350,000.00


We have the appraisal, deed and note to those that are interested and provide LOI and POF's. Current owner is having issues and new buyer can file NOD right away and go to
foreclosure or rewrite note for positive cash flow!

Buyer to pay commissions and negotiated at time of offer.

I have some one interested!!

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Hi, I know someone that my be interested.
Please send me more information. So I can forward it to the interested buyer.
Thank you,


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Distressed Berverly Hills Contemporary Home with Great Equity!!

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Hi, Real E. Investor2010. can you please send me the contract to pass it to the cash buyers. or if you need me to market it for you.

PS. capital letters used on a messages it seams that you are screaming at me. Eye-wink

Thank you,

Investor in CA

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Hi, I am from CA. I have a list of some cash buyers, if you have more deals in so Cal area, please let me know. Thanks.

Investor in CA

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Hi, my name is Wening. I am from NJ. I have some properties available for sale. If your buyers if they are interested. Please let me know what is the price range of purchase of what they are looking for. It is located at.
The lower two levels are missing flooring. The kitchen is missing a hood, oven and refrigerator. The exterior has 2 balconies and
several wood decks and staircases. All the wood decking and staircases have termite and dryrot damage.
This dryrot and termite damage is considered a health and safety issue.
Cost to cure is estimated between $50,000 and $100,000
Per the owner sever items have been repaired or upgraded since last transfer with a total of ~$50,000. Including: Paint, Plumbing,
HVAC, Flooring, Electric, Locks, Security System, Pool equipment, Skylight, Garage door opener and dishwasher.
Thank you,


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Just wondering if your Beverly Hills Property is still avail?

List of cash buyers

Hi. Are any of your cash buyers interested in the Antelope Valley? It is located 65 miles East of Los Angeles. It is a subcommunity of Edwards Air Force Base(hardly ever see any soldiers however)cities are Littlerock,Quartz Hill, Lancaster, Palmdale.KB,Kohavian were part of new housing sections during the '80s boom. Many stand empty today. Traditional R.E. firms such as Century 21, Coldwell-Banker,& Keller-Williams have tight control here.Older home(pre 80's)are good for bargain-hunting. I have found a realtor who "thinks out of the box" like Dean has taught us.


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So if I am understanding this correctly, the note holder wants more than the face value of the note?

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