"A Southern California Investors Networking Group" Orange County area

Hi all, I'm looking for like minded REI's in the So Cal/Orange County area that want to network. The goal will be to support each other, share information and make new business contacts. Only criteria is that you’re serious. I'm located in North Orange County.
I'm also interested in partnering up and helping you sell your investment property using my large buyers list. For my personal contact info please see my profile page.

Need Bird Dog for SO CAL

Hello Group,

Looking for a great Bird Dog to close and acquire deals in SO CAL. Specifically, Ventura and Los Angeles Counties.

Drop me a line here for more info, i hope to find someone for a long term working realationship.

Email YanezSTS@****

Thank You,


NPNs Anyone?

hi group,

If anyone is a direct buyer of NPNs, let me know.
NPNs make the best deals.

Pvt msg me here,



Looking for Partner in Ventura County

Hi group,

Looking for partner in Ventura County to get things moving at a better clip.

Eamil me here,....talk to you soon,


So Cal Property Bird Dog / Month to Month Properties

Hello group,

looking for an effective bird dog for the so cal area.

Higher end properties wanted, 750 ARV and up.

contact me here, and lets get busy. Will contact responders asap/ Message me here and lets talk.



SOUTHERN CA MEETING IS TUESDAY 10/29 7PM! All about Hard Money. This is valuable, must know info.

As usual, FREE information that will be a valuable tool you can use and apply immediately to you REI! No selling!!!! I've enclosed a pic of the last one; LOTS of DGers there!!! Can you spot them? We've expanded the room so we can hold many, many more people!

Come and check it out this Tuesday, the 29th of October at 7pm. Our topic this week is all the things you need to know about hard money. Being prepared and knowledgeable when you talk to a hard money lender is critical. Please contact me and send me a private message to let me know you will be coming to the meeting. Please leave me your phone number and email address so I can get back with you. I look forward to meeting you!

Looking for Ventura County Partner

hi group

looking for local VC partner for deals locally and in so cal.

Drop me a line, and lets trade ideas.



SFH REO,s Nationwide! $2m - $3m - $10m & up, you pick...

SFH REO,s Nationwide! $2m - $3m - $10m & up, you pick...

Please be sure to let me know which program you want:
$2m minimum order.
$3m minimum order.
$10m minimum order(quickest because there are fewer applicants).

Please take advantage of our direct to bank program!

All I need from you?
Sign my NCND! 

Then fill out your LOI for what you want in product.
State or Sates! Cities, Counties, and even zip codes! 

We put you direct to Asset Management,
It does not get easier.

Please tell me which program you want
and send me full contact info on Private Message:
Vern Bird

Attention Investors -Great Income Properties in Las Vegas..


Looking for investors of all levels. Possible joint venture investments. Whether you have $5,000 to invest or $5,000,000 we have opportunities for you. 100% legitimate real estate investment opportunities. No experience needed. No commitment. Me and my team identify opportunities and present them and you decide on a case by case basis. Let's take advantage of this amazing Las Vegas real estate market together!

Cash Ready - Partner Up with me - Split 50/50

I need to partner up with several DG students in California and Florida. I have the Private Lender with lots of cash to lend me. Need properties, that are real wholesale deals. If you live in California or Florida and wants to make money with me, send me a PM message to ecazdi
This is so simple, but i live in an area that inventory is ridiculously low: less than 100 properties for sale!
This is why i need people outside my area. Lets talk and make money!! I have all in place to start.

REI Club In Downey or Norco, CA

Here are two great clubs to join in California. It's an environment that allows you to network with like-minded professionals, get education at the meeting, and stay engaged feeding your motivation. I attend the Downey Meetings, so it would be a good opportunity for us to meet.

Making Money with Real Estate Options

What is real estate options?
What is a lease option?
What is a sandwich lease option?
What is Subject-to financing?

And how can we buy, sell and profit from these unconventional methods?

Looking for Partner/Brainstormer in Ventura, CA

Hello group members,

I am looking for someone local to my area to brainstorm and partner with. Especially someone with a few deals under their belt.

Write me here and maybe we can meet and partner up.

Gil Yanez

Orange county meeting of FIBI Spetember 6

Hi everybody
My name is Tom i would like to let you know that we do have a investor meeting in orange county , Santa Ana
I'll post the link to that site


Embassy Suites Hotel Santa Ana-Orange County Airport North
1325 East Dyer Road, Santa Ana, CA (map)

6 PM
It will be a pleasure to meet you guys and gals there


How do I locate an owner of a property?

Hi all,

I am a newbe. I've recently joined the Rock Bottom Blue Print membership and have read Dean's latest book "30 Days to Real Estate Cash" cover to cover last weekend. I'm excited about my new Real Estate Business..

..I have an ex-employee of mine who would like to buy back a home she used to own. She has given me the address of the property. I am wondering if anyone can tell me how to locate the owner of this property. I read that I can determine who owns the property by finding out where the property tax records are mailed to. ..Is there anyway I can locate the owner TONIGHT?

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Southern California Investors Networking Group, Orange County area

I have been a member of the DG family for about a year. I would love to get some information about joining this group. I am located in Orange County, CA. Please Help!

Looking for R E I groups in southern california

I would like to attend a Investors meeting in so calif. Does anyone Know were to go, or who to contact ? I would love to tag along. I need to build my Buyers List.!

Looking for R E I groups in southern california

I would like to attend a Investors meeting in so calif. Does anyone Know were to go, or who to contact ? I would love to tag along. I need to build my Buyers List.!

How to Repair Your Credit in 90 Days!!! Part 2

June 21, 2011

Federal Trade Commission
Consmer Response Center- FCRA
600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.,
Washington, D.C. 20580

Dear Sirs/Madams:
For the past several months, I have been disputing several inaccuracies that are listed in my credit report. I have written three letters to the credit bureaus in which I requested these inaccuracies be removed. Unfortunately, the credit bureaus have refused to comply with my requests. The inaccuracies are as follows:

Bureau: Equifax
List all the Account names and Account#s

Bureau: Trans Union Corp.
List all the Account names and Account#s

Bureau: Experian
List all the Account names and Account#s

The AHA! Moment to Dean’s sauce!!

Thank You, Dean for the power of a paradigm shift of seeing the AHA! Moment in correlation with your Grandmamma sauce that was amazing. It is the beginning the root of real estate investing. All is on the rock bottom blueprint. Thank you, Thank you, and
Thank you, Hahaha My Sauce came out amazing good like your Grandmamma with a couple of changes that added my style and personality in to it.

Ps. We just need to work on or behavior and attitude to make it happen.

Sincerely Yours,
Wening Eye-wink

Success and Nothing Less!!

Need Buyers!!! Please Help!! my first Deal. What to Do?

Hi, All I have 3 contracts for sale but I have lost my list of buyer forgot to save it on a separate file. I know I know. I didn't create a plan B. I know my mistake. But....Please help. is any body need property in NY one house and 3 store front. the house is rented. and another house with a big lot next to it and a house new construction in GA. for Less then $50,000. a buyers back structuring plan for the house in GA. Please PM me if you need more info.
I am creating a new list as of Today!!

Thank you,
Success and nothing Less!!

Distressed Beverly Hills Contemporary Home with Great Equity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Investors

If you are interested or know someone that may be interested. Email or have them me immediately, because I have access to a Prime deal!

I have available and direct to the seller a 1st Trust Deed note for a contemporary
single family home located in Beverly Hills in a Multi Million Dollar location.

Built in 1978, the property is a 2409 SF Tri-Level 3 bedroom and 3 bath home located on
a 6,882 SF lot in BHPO above the Beverly Hills Hotel on a quite serene cul-de-sac.

The property offers spectacular unobstructed city and ocean views from all rooms
as well as from the gorgeous sun deck with large swimmers pool!

The note is in default as of April 2011 and the note holder is willing to sell the

First Deal Need some Help.

I need some Help!! Please. On my first deal and I do not know how to structure it. or what doc to use first I have a motivated seller contract sing. Now what? I do have a list of Buyers but the property is on GA. I have contacted a lawyer in GA and the closing is going to be $1,000 with insurance. But, I do not have a buyer for it. I was planing to purchase it for me but How with no money down available. my Credit is ok.

Price on the New property: $125,000
Price for Sale by Owner $50,000
Repairs Paint/carpet cleaning $800.00
Property is Rented for $1,100.00 Per Month
property maintenance $189.00

Thank You,

DG Rookie / Newbie in NOC

Howdy SoCal / OC group! I'm Jake, a rookie, and working on building connections. All of this is a bit...overwhelming. I'm ~100 pages away from finishing my 2nd DG book in <2 weeks. I'm really excited to get started and start building!

I would like to start to meet all of you when the time(s) come and ask questions. But for now, I would love to be pointed in credible, investor friendly directions for mortgage brokers and title/escrow offices. I hope that isn't inappropriate to ask. If so, my apologies. I do understand the value of searching for myself; however, I also understand the value of networking. And that's all I'm really trying to accomplish at this stage.

Thank you for your replies. They are all very much appreciated!

Please Help! Serious Cash Buyers Needed!!!!

I have been having a hard time finding serious buyers. Please help with tips or please sign up as a buyer on my website. Any feedback will be helpful!

Please visit my websites and sign up on my buyers list for your area of interest. Best of luck with your future goals!!!




Southern California Investment Group Tonight - Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

It could be the most important information you ever acquire because you can’t play the Foreclosure game without it.

Four Points Sheraton, 5990 Green Valley Circle (at Sepulveda and the 405 Freeway)
Culver City, CA
Time: 6:30 pm
NOTES: We always meet on the first Tuesday of the month, which this month is Tuesday December 7th. Our General Meetings are still this month at no charge and include complimentary food and coffee if you come EARLY before it’s all gone, and it does go very quickly!

Awesome ! ! ! First Deal Locked Up in Canyon Lake, Ca

Yea! I finally have my first investment property locked up. It is in Canyon Lake, Ca. which is a guard gated lake community with swimming, boating, water skiing, wakeboarding, equestrian, tennis, golf, etc.

Yea ! 1st Deal Locked Up ! - Need Private Lender Quick 75% LTV


Hello Fellow Orange County Investors

I just wanted to say hello to everyone. My name is Tom and I live in Irvine in Orange County. I recently joined Dean's Success Academy and I am excited to get the ball rolling. I think we are in a great market to invest in real estate and I am certainly ready to do it.
I am looking forward to talking with you all and have fun together investing.

For Sale - 135 Nationwide SFR REO Tape


I’m direct to a Private Seller of a 135 (Nationwide) SFR REO Tape. Let me know if you have any interest.

- BPO $8.8M, selling for .52 cents on the dollar = $4,576,000 + 3%


David Thillman

Bulk REO and Notes Tape
Cell Phone: 714-650-0058
MyFax: 888-469-5013
Anaheim, CA. 92801

Have REO's - 50 cents on the dollar - Properties are nationwide

I work for a Bulk REO investor. This guy has the properties NOW. There going for 50 cents on the dollar. The properties are located all over the Country in up and coming areas (No Michigan). You can buy 5, 10, 20, 100. You can flip for profit or hold and cash-flow.

I can set up a face to face meeting with the investor. He is located in Costa Mesa, California or if you're out of the area I can set up a live webinar/conference call with the investor.

Call me,
David Thillman

California Real Estate Club Directory's

FHA has suspended its 90 day title seasoning rule beginning 2/1/10.

FHA has suspended its 90 day title seasoning rule beginning 2/1/10.


Go here to

Here is a link to the actual document.

Click here to open: TOOLS

- Property Evaluation Website: http://www.totalviewrealestate.com/index.php , I also suggest finding a local appraiser for a professional opinion. (give the appraiser a little cash from every deal you close for his help)

- Property Anaysis Tool: http://www.myiov.com/ (I don't own it, I like thou)

- To find a real estate agent to work with use HomeGain.com (Find A Realtor) http://www.homegain.com/

- Clubs I like (sign up for their news letters)
> http://www.reiclub.com/
> http://www.creonline.com/
> www.CameronDirect.com
> http://www.reiblog.biz/wpblog/about/
> http://www.jasonhartman.com/
> http://www.investing-in-real-estate-clubs.com/


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