do you want a good hard money lender?

try they have their own funds and work with hedge funds as well. They look for investors that have experience and dont mind putting skin in the game. They can close in 5-7 days.

one comment on the hard money lenders

One comment here, I just read over the website because I am looking to purchase my first investement property to fix and flip it and I would like to borrow at least 100 percent of it because I have no money down but on this website, it says have to have 20 -40 percent down. I think its good if an investor has money already.

I have same obsticle

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I too need to find loan that will give me 100 percent financing. This would give me rehab money and allow me to rent out and or resale quickly.

Where is the money!

I need the 100% Hard Money NOW!

new member and new to investing

Hello everyone. I am new to the group and I am very very excited about the opportunities abound in real estate today. I have about 5 years in and out of the mortgage and financial services industry. I am looking to network with individuals for information and of course also help anyone I can to prosper in the business. I am looking to locate and do my first deal January 2011.

Yes I do want a Good Hard Money Lender

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I guess it is a relative term Good Hard Money Lender. For Newbies we just can't find a Good Hard Money Lender. We know what to do but we cannot get the funding to do it. We want to get our first deal done and under our belt so that we have the 20 to 40% required the next time we need Hard Money. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard that Hard Money Lending is about the property and not about the borrower, but all I find is, it is about the upfront or paid on the closing table funds. Just won't give up trying till I find the Good Hard Money Lender.

New since July 2010

I worked as a Primerica Agent, and studied annually to increase my knowledge of helping clients qualify for a loan, spent hours evaluating credit, but I do not know near what I need to to help clients. I need someone who can help clients with damaged credit and am going to be my first test case. Contact me to start a process that has a deadline of March 31.




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How do you join this group? It sounds like a worthy cause to be involved in.


I need hard money lender that can lend 500mil to 1BIL dollars. I have a buyer with proof of funding bank statement liquid cash. I need to purchase 1 billion in properties REO's Bulk. Any recommendations?

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