A Mortgage Broker and Investor Group

Thanks for your interest in this forum or group. My name is Ron. I am a newbee with DG but not new to Real Estate. I have been in the mortgage lending industry since 1982. Whew! I have sure seen some changes over the years. But nothing like I have seen in the past couple of years.
Hopefully, this group forum will provide lively discussion and practical help for those of us that are on the front lines of both investing and lending. For those of you not in the lending field, it might also provide some relible information concerning the ever-changing mortgage industry and how it pertains to your buyers.
Many of the marketing ideas presented by Dean work extremely well for both investing and prospecting for loan borrowers.
So let's share some ideas that might help those of us in investing and lending or help those of you that might want to share questions and ideas with seasoned investors and lenders.
Hope to hear from you soon!

Looking for partners and/or buyers for wholesale deals

I am looking for other investors who would be willing to partner with my company in order to expand their portfolio or earn a decent return. Profit split or ROI negotiable. I have some great deals in my area(Idaho, Washington, Montana) just need some folks to pass them off to. You can connect with me via any of the methods below. I look forward to being able to do business with you.

Twitter: @lancejpalmer
Email: silverkeyid@****
Phone: 208-964-5753


Lance Palmer

do you want a good hard money lender?

try www.hardmoneyman.com they have their own funds and work with hedge funds as well. They look for investors that have experience and dont mind putting skin in the game. They can close in 5-7 days.

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