Drew & Barb Urbassik Headed for San Jose -- Tony Robbins

We just signed up for the Tony Robbins seminar. We do know of a couple of others going, but would like to get a list of Mastermind 2014 attendees or other DGers heading for San Jose.

Looking forward to a truly inspirational 4 days. If contacting us, we would be most easily contacted at drew.urbassik@reagan.com.

Property Manager Needed -- Orlando/Deltona FL Zip 32725

I am seeking a qualified property management company to serve the 32725 zip code. Thisis Deltona, FL. If you know of a company, please comment. Thanks.

hey guys

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Hey guys great to be on here I didn't know we had this page I was in mexico to take care of my wife who had gotten sick now back. I did get paid on a bird dog deal for 3k while I was in mex.

Am excited for you to go to Tony Robbins, I would love to go but have to do another deal first my wife was sick and had to pay for her medical costs. If I dont go then I will make it to one of his UPW events.

Where is everybody else

not going

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bummed would love to be there but i just didnt get it done, i think i need therapy Eye-wink I am battling to be honest with demons right now, trying to stop the inner talk etc. Will listen to Tony Robbins every day in lieu of not going.

Plus other motivational speakers and will be with you in spirit. I am coming around right now but was demotivated after my trip & exhausted & injured but gettting better now. Starting to add buyers & make offers. Getting it together now. Man a feel like a mutant sometimes and wonder "does anyone else go through this? is it just me?"

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