First Deal Need some Help.

I need some Help!! Please. On my first deal and I do not know how to structure it. or what doc to use first I have a motivated seller contract sing. Now what? I do have a list of Buyers but the property is on GA. I have contacted a lawyer in GA and the closing is going to be $1,000 with insurance. But, I do not have a buyer for it. I was planing to purchase it for me but How with no money down available. my Credit is ok.

Price on the New property: $125,000
Price for Sale by Owner $50,000
Repairs Paint/carpet cleaning $800.00
Property is Rented for $1,100.00 Per Month
property maintenance $189.00

Thank You,

First Deal In GA

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Hi Wening! Just wondering how the deal went down in GA? I haven't done my first yet; I work on this everyday....probably lacking confidence more than anything. I can hear the urgency in your post, and I feel for you (reminded me of myself)....I hope it went well & you sailed through with no issues. I'd love to hear the details.

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