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November 12th REPLAY POSTED! Dean did a full hour long Live webcast and the replay is posted below in its entirety (100% FREE) for everyone! Dean had a lot to share so make sure you don't miss a minute.

For now, you can click the link below to watch it:

This is Marvelous!

Hey Dean,
thank you. Lesson learned. Many words are not needed. Click it did!

Hi Dean

I rushed home for the livecast and walked in the door at 4:00 pm. It took me 15 minutes to get connected as my computer gets slower every day. I was able to watch the remainder and then when the replay was up I began to watch it and got half way thru before I was interrupted. I plan to watch the replay again all the way thru. I always enjoy your livecasts and each time I listen or review I seem to pick up on something that stands out from when I listened before. Great content and message. Thank You.

live webcast

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This was fabulous! Just what I needed. Thank you for making it available on replay. We're so lucky to have you!!

Fantastic Webcast

Hi Dean,
This was just what I needed. I have felt that I need to be more organized before jumping in and I have to admit that there has been a lot of fear and excuses. However, this message has motivated me to move forward anyway. I think that when people sign up for your program the first thing they should be taught is how to deal with the gray matter between their ears. How we think is so important and can stop us from going forward. Then I would teach about real estate. You are so fantastic in your presentations and have definitely found your unique ability. You do everything so well. God Bless You! Nancy

Thank you Mr. Graziosi

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Happy Birthday!!!!

Thank you, Dean!


Thank you for allowing all of us to watch the entire webcast. I learned so much by watching it.

You're so right in all that you said. The part that resonated most with me was when you said that you must figure out what is holding you back and then kill that inner conflict so you can more forward and take action. That's exactly right.

And when we feel as though we don't know enough yet and will take action "someday", we are creating that problem in our minds. We don't learn to drive a car by reading about it over and over and watching other's drive. We actually have to get behind the wheel and take it for a spin. Lawyers don't read and study every case ever won. They just reference the cases as the need arises instead. In that same vein, we must learn just enough to be able to jump in and get our feet wet and then continue our training as needed while we're in a position to actually implement what we're learning. If we spend years trying to learn everything first we find that some (if not most) of the things we learned have already changed before we ever get to implement them.


OK I listened all the way thru

First I have to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY 23rd Nov and hope you have a wonderful day. I am so grateful to have access to the full live cast. There is no one else to compare to you and your teaching. It takes time to realize what some problems are and to unravel the things that lead to some problems. When we do identify the problem then we can work on the solution. I have spent a lot of time on this trying to define the problem with me and the inner conflict while being honest with myself. Most of my life I have been asking "what is wrong with me?" The answer is NOTHING is wrong with me. It is clear that the inner conflict is caused by the conditioning and programming and the pain of the failed marriages (mine and my parents marriages) that has held me back and kept me from breaking thru the barriers. I have isolated myself to keep from going down those wrong roads again and not wanting to invest myself in other relationships that would surely fail until I was able to make corrections and changes. I know that I want out of the 98% and I see myself at 94% working my way to the 2%. I know I am not stupid but at the same time I know I need to develop more skill. While I follow you, Joel, Dani, Richard, Zig(his legacy) and others I have to work on building some relationships and taking lots of action. Now at the moment I have no extra money and still have a couple of utilities that I need to get caught up on along with some taxes and a student loan. Turning 65 this past June the Feds took away $105.00 a month from my Soc Sec to pay for the mandatory medicare (I thank God that I am healthy). What is left of the Soc Sec payment pays my mortgage and one other bill. My retirement pay from Sprint $468.00 has to cover everything else. I found a position as promoter for the EcoDrink in Costco working Tuesday and Saturday to get a little more income. I am just a little over 6 months from 66 at which point I am told that I can make an obscene amount of money with no penalty. I am looking forward to removing the yokes and breaking down the barriers that will lead to my success. During the holiday season I do not shop for gifts (only necessities. I will go to Woodlake Hotel as usual for Thanksgiving brunch and again Christmas day but the rest of my time will be spent on planning and goal setting and taking action to gain more income. I see good things out ahead of me. Thank you Dean for being a mentor to me on my journey. In a nutshell this is my situation.

Nov 12 Livecast - Tools for Success

Somehow I got a replay of your Nov 12 live webcast. I love it! I may be late for I got this late...and now sleeping late past midnite. I'll jump into bed to get rest...and tomorrow I will jump out of bed and arise early to overcome fear, go through failures again and again but remain solution focused to accomplish an action goal set for the day!

Dean Thank you

Thank you Dean,

I watched this live cast by replay just now.
And for me it is true what keeps me from staying in the game is what is in between my ears my head my mind my thoughts the way I react to negativity on you can say all levels.

Thank you for getting me back in this game that I do love very much.

: O )


the succes story videos


Good question

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We all like to hear them just for motivation.


Great Video

I am truly impressed. I want to wholesale and generate some working capital.

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