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Is anyone from my neck of the woods? Northwestern Wa. whatcom,or skagit Counties ? Would love to meet up and discuss how we can help each other out !

Anyone else attending the local REIA meeting on Monday 1/10/11?

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Hi all,
Wondering if anyone else is attending the REIA meeting in Redmond tomorrow night...and if so maybe we can meet and just say hi to each other.

Thanks. Smiling

Local network

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Hi Karen

I notice you are way up north but are making it to meetings down here around Seattle. I am in DesMoines, just south of Sea-Tac myself. I am reaching out to fellow DGers in the greater Seattle area in hopes to put together a little club/network of our own. I know there are some on here that are interested I thought that you may be as well. Purpose of meetings would be mainly to share resources and brainstorm but could incorporate whatever those attending want to do.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



I hope you do not mind if I join the team. I believe with team work dedication and commitment we can make it big in real estate. The key is communication and willing to help each other as team and even be business investors or buy.
looking forward to be part of the team. I am hard working and have determination to make to change my life.


Hi Steve,

Myself and my wife live near Snohomish on a lake. We want to stay living here while the equity grows and sell sometime in the future. But I want to buy a couple rentals until the economy turns around. We also want to find a property with a few acres so my wife can start a Doggy Daycare and rescue sometime within the next 5 years. I have just started doing research on Real Estate Investment so I am VERY new at this but those are our plans for the future. Any kind of help would be appreciated Smiling


licensing myself

I am on the Oly Peninsula,Washington, and am in need of a team. I need real estate agents,REA brokers,investors and buyers. Let us build a team that in this economy can still make a profit for all. I believe in success, not failure. I also need to know what I may or may not do without a Realtor license. I thank you all for any info possible

I've just bought DG books

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I live in Camano Island and I want to learn how to do all these things. Small steps at a time, but I want to do it. HELP!

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