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Steven Webster
Seattle, Washington
About Me: 

I did start studying REI intensely in the mid '80's, and that did get me my first home, but I had so many headaches with that house and deal that I got turned off from it and lost interest. I always believed that it's a great, solid investment but I didn't want to deal with tenant headaches. In those days nobody was talking about flipping houses. Hell the term didn't even existed back then. Anyway I had the idea of doing that but it didn't seem realistic. I was 18 years old and determined to be a multi-millionaire by 25 when I started out. I did get my first house at 19 though and learned a lot in the process.

Fast forward to today, I have been re-invigorated by the current RE market and all the great new creative strategies developed by people like Dean and all of you who are pioneering this new era in REI. So it took me way too long to wake up, see the opportunity, and make a move to get back in the game. I ordered Dean's books "Your Town Your Real Estate Profits" and "Profit From Real Estate Right Now" after seeing an info-mercial and checking out this web site.

In fact it was when I read the comments from all of you in the forums that I realized this was unlike anything ever offered 25 years ago. The DG family was exactly what I needed back then. Of course that was pre-internet, but man what we could have done with it back then too. Anyway it was folks like Rina that sold me on all of this. That was October first 2010 and now I am almost finished reading "YTYREP" a couple weeks later. It's not just books but all the wealth of knowledge shared within this family that is what will enable me to learn what I need, keep me on track, and believing in my dream/goal of making all the money I want so I can live the life I want made possible with these techniques shared right here.

I know I have a long, possibly even rough road ahead but all things truly rewarding and worthwhile usually are that way, and I know I never regret those journeys. I have been existing for the last 20 years and I am ready to finally live a life worth living.

Thank you to all of you
I hope to return the favor somehow, someday.


Well now I suppose REI is at the top of my list followed by music and then golf, family and friends. Oh and definitely bloging on here.

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HVAC for now. Soon to be replaced with full time REI
No Children
Some College


Hi all.

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Hello everyone. I just ordered Dean's books: 'Your Town Your Real Estate' and 'Profit From Real Estate Right Now' with the 'Profit Online' DVD.

I want to let everyone in the DG community know that reading through the blog forums and seeing how helpful and supportive you all are to one another played a huge role in my decision to order these books and become a part of this family. I am sincerely moved and impressed by the participation I have witnessed on here.

I look forward to the day I can contribute some advice or ideas as well.

You've already made me feel very welcome.


Another NewBE

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I saw a post you made and attempted to PM you from that post but it did not work. I came here to attempt to make contact.

We are both new to this. Could we make contact to attempt expedite our progress. I am not sure as to the proper procedure.

Thanks and have a blessed day

Michael D Leinert


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Good to see someone has actually read something I wrote, lol.

I don't know which post you read, but thanks for trying to PM me. Yeah I really don't know how everything works here yet myself as I just joined on the first of the month. I don't know if I need to attach another PM service to my account (ie: yahoo) I should look into it but have been so busy with other higher priorities.

So I am guessing that you are currently reading one of Dean's books. I just read 'YTYREP' and signed up for the 3 day 'Insiders Edge' event here in Seattle. I didn't even have the money to pay for it or most of my bills this month. I just new that with no job I was desperate to make this work and with Dean's team beside me it would happen a lot faster. I don't/can't take a year or six months to make money with this.

Wouldn't you know it the very next day (after signing up) I got a call from my last employer and am starting a new job Monday. I am still fired up about this REI career though. This day job is temporary and I am sick of being dependent on an employer for a pay check. I worked less than 5 months so far in 2010, worst year ever. I am taking command and control of my future form here on out.

Sorry for going on like that. I am the king of the rant as you will see if we keep in touch.

So where are you located?


I forgot to ask

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Has your journey with DG been profitable? If so, how long did it take for it to become profitable to you?



Good Luck

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Many around the country are in the same boat with you. Good luck with the new job. At least you have a job and the health to be able to work.

I am just stumbling through the site attempting to glean what knowledge I am able to obtain. It is a slow go. A picture is worth a thousand words and a telephone call is worth hours of stumbling around an unfamiliar site.

The site is helpful but I would hope to begin building a contact list and phone numbers to expedite the process. The PM system seems to not be working properly as one cannot PM directly from a post. One must go to the user profile and send an email.

Anyway, thanks and have a blessed day.



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We'll be watching you!


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Thanks for the info and reply. Just found out can't send a PM after one answers an email. Can't follow up on the same email from the reply so had to come here. Simi replied via my profile but wanted to reply via PM but no luck. Still not sure how to communicate on this thing.



Tech Support?

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Wow, I think it might be time to check with tech support on how to best use the PM and email system. I certainly am not the one to ask on this subject, sorry.


I'm back

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Sorry if anyone has tried to reach me on here in the past month or so. I was very side-tracked by personal matters so I am now playing catch-up with everything.

I do not have as much time to spend on here as I used to but I will be visiting this site maybe once or twice per week rather than daily.

I hope all of you are doing really well and I wish you the very best in everything you do. I am trying to locate others in the greater Seattle area to network with if you know anyone please leave me a message, thanks.


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Hey, I sent you a pm the other day, you haven't looked at it yet. Just proddin' ya along! Smiling Hope you're well!!