Good resources for arizona investors to use!

Just a friendly tip to arizona real estate investors , here are some good resources to use:
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Thankyou for listing resourses in Arizona.


THANKS A LLLLOT for posting

THANKS A LLLLOT for posting resourses in AZ. making pizzas and being pizzeria owner in Phx but I want to find better way in the real estate market and better way for family.


thank you for information,Steve

Deals in AZ

I have a question. I live in AZ and it seems to be really hard finding deals. Most home on the market are getting anywhere from 5-15 offers within days and include cash offers. There are so many investors here and the homes in the not so bad areas and selling like hotcakes. According to some realtors their inventory is half of what it was last year. Has anyone had any success finding deals here?

Hey Deals in AZ

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Im just starting out here in Phx, AZ. Sorry im not able to answer your question. Good question though. I have ran into a a couple of realtors and they are saying to buy and hold but I am not interested in that right now, I think I am going to start with Lease options first and go from there. Good Luck though!!

AZ Workshops Upcoming (Aug 2012)

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If any of you are in the area, let's make a commitment to attend one of them at each person's convenience then set up to meet, or skype and talk over more of what has been learned. I always learn something more and pick up on reminders. Anyone else up for it?

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