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N. Arizona----- w/Husband, Two Dogs (Doberman, G. Schnauzer(R.I.P. 1/24/2014)) & Four 'Keets
About Me: 

Active Investor since 1997, and really like how simple Dean truly makes it. So, looking forward to much success here expanding knowledge, networking, and helping others as well.
Interested in all areas across the U.S and parts of Canada.
Lease Purchases are Great!!

Military Vet; and 9/11 Vet; out of the Aviation Industry

Open to using and offering seller financing, and win-win flexibility in all deals.

Other Favorite way to build Wealth>>>>> Marketing:
** By demonstrating the Power of Leveraged Income, Hands down the fastest, most efficient way to build wealth for the common entrepreneur
All Wealth-Builders invest, & thereby receive a significant usable return;
All-Others just Spend, Never to See it Again---
Get on my team and let me show you how to be a Wealth-Builder!!

Dedicated to sharing more about Leveraged Income, as the best way to move forward. To Truly create wealth, we're supposed to:

KEEP all that we earn, INVEST just a little, & thereby CREATE a return capable of replacing the earnings, then go one step further --- 'LEVERAGE' that return for never ending income and profit.
Then Live life as if on vacation and have all the good health, time, and money to enjoy it.
Work, as little or as much as desired. Always, In Gratitude.
The late great Jim Rohn always said: "profits are better than wages".
Robert Kiyosaki says to invest in real estate. (with the DG network) , paper,
AND a 21st century business.

Extra tools to share with fellow wealth -builders:>>>>>>>>>>>
As just a smart and affordable option for Finding Attorneys and expert business consultants,
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Got Business Questions? Have tried and tested experts provide the answers.
Part ways as friends and colleagues. Don't forget to get a living will completed though, again, also at no extra cost!
PM for help with getting started.

*-Recently partnered with investor referral group designed to provide consistent profits using a system of real estate investment, care and manangement all done For the investor!
Just bring your investor referrals and profit, and/or invest in the available property list.
Invite everyone to ((Schedule and Complete a free game plan)) which demonstrates potential investment results.

*-Offering a special program to future and current owners a chance to own FREE-n-Clear in just Five years. Know anyone who recently purchased to hold? Refer them! Who knows, they may be sitting on a 30 year mortgage wanting to be done with it. It's our contribution.

*-Offering special sources for real estate, a newsletter jam packed with all that investors need to expand their resources; PM if interested.
As far as the magic of colors go:
(By Jerry Clark-Yellow, Blue, Green, Red)
Green-Red shows the most and seems to work the best, then yellow, then Blue
Expand your world so you can achieve the lifestyle you deserve!
Looking forward to meeting the DG community with everyone here. Thanx Dean! You're definitely one of the best! Looking forward to meeting you.

Real Estate, Residual Income, Dogs, Birds, Travel, Teaching, Writing, Books, Ad Art, Chess, Music; --- ALSO-- Looking for 3/2/2 or 2/2/carport or multi-family 5-24 units will pay birddogs $500 each close and gradually increases with success//WILL ALSO pay referrals on all else ($25 for every signature,$100 every ten attendees even if result is a 'no')

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Basic Info

Marketing Consultant, Dedicated to Sharing Critical Principles of Leveraged Income
My Pets Are My Kids
Completed Post Graduate



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Hi, I just wanted to say hello and to welcome you here to the DG arena. I live in Tucson and have been in contact with Kevin who posted the Short Sales Across Arizona, just like you. I am new to this field, but told Kevin I am very interested in working with him. I saw where you basically told him the same thing and hope to also be working with you soon.

Again, Welcome.


Looking Forward

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Hi Tim:

Thanx for the kind welcome.
Likewise. Be seein' ya.


Spice it up with "Variety"

If I was in your shoes I would be getting price's from more than one source.

My experience has taught me that you can't negoiate with someone who doesn't need the business. This sounds like your circumtances.

Give the finance work to someone who appreciates your business and tell this boza to take a hike.

There are millions of lenders who would be happy to earn your business.

Let me know if you need to do additional steps. I'm the Chairman of the Congressional Business Advisory Council and a Finance major, I can share great advice for our Dean community.

Much Success

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Best wishes on the success of you revamping your investment business. And, you are right the pinching pennies is no fun.

Unemployment has hit my family really hard. My two sons live with me, but the youngest has been out of work for over 18 months and the eldest son will be out of work 12 months in December. My oldest child is my daughter who separated from her husband and is trying to raise 5 children that range from 3 to 20. Her oldest two are in college. Unfortunately, she was laid off in August. I feel bad that I really can't help my daughter and my youngest son moved to FL to see if he could find employment there. Trying to help my children led me to using the credit cards which has now gotten me in trouble. So, I am really counting on this to help make a difference for me and my family.

Still Striving,

Verna (newage8767)

I'll finsih the deal with you


I'd be happy to team on the work.

Please let me know and I will assist in that role.



Hi Anita-AZ!

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Welcome to the DG family! Glad to have you with us... I'd be happy to work together with you and any others here that signed your guestbook. I look for properties in Phoenix AND Tucson as I go there frequently to see my daughter and my adorable grandson (pictured here).

Also Kevin... I'd love to listen to any advice you care to share with us! It's always nice to see a pro so willing to share their experience, knowledge and expertise! Please feel free to contact me everyone. Best wishes for you all!

Elena M.


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Hi my name is Javron, I have a willingness and a want to learn the real estate game. I am in Phx, so if you are not to busy give me a shout, I would love to learn and attend any meetings, I am so hyped about this, let me know 602-663-0975, thx. TIME FOR A CHANGE


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Hi Anita

I am the one who is trying to start an investors group in Northern AZ. So far you are the only one that has been interested. I have found some amazing prices here in the Flagstaff area but have no way to unload after getting the properties. If you know someone that would be interested in buying properties let me know. I am sure we could work something out. There isn't much room for making money but there is some. If you are interested let me know. These properties are in Flagstaff and the surrounding areas. Again welcome to the DG family.

J Doss
Flagstaff, AZ

J Doss

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Well, that's the beauty of all this.

We can be each others' partners. Let's get it going!



Hi Anita i have a brother in law who would like to know if he can work for you as a bird dog. He lives in phoenix and spots a lot of vacant houses you can offer to investors.Let me know if its something you would consider. he has been out of work for 2 years and is almost loosing his house also.E-mail back and i can give you his info.


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Just an update for those who saw my posts or check in once in a while. This also for anyone facing similar circumstances.

When I joined I was facing an issue with a home that I was requesting help on renegotiating the loan. That had been taking up energy that I did not otherwise have to go out and do the real estate investing.

I did find someone who does that and he is standing by pending the modification. Meanwhile, I have been in pending modification mode since Oct 2009. That mod request was denied and a sale date was set. Then I re-submitted for another mod and a new date is set! So, wow. I'm amazed at how far and long this goes.

Meantime, I have made progress in building the seller and buyer lists. I am talking to people about deals. Soon I should be able to report on that progress.

It looks to me that the future is brightening and I will be able to resolve the problems going on and help others in the meantime.

Right now I am working a file for another person who has a sale date.

Nothing is ever as bad as it seems, because we only imagine it that way. When we imagine it in a positive outlook, well then it turns out positive.


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hello back


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Hey there just saw this--sorry so late--

Anyway, YES I would be glad to work with your brother-inlaw!

meet with you

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yes I would like to meet with you

Luxury Homes in Flagstaff & Sedona, AZ

Are you interested in high end homes going for below market value. These can yield huge profits.
There 4 available at this time ready for sale.
Please PM me.


Hi Anita i live in Mesa Az and theres alot of great deals here.Wondering if you would like to partner up because im new to this and im willing to split the profits.Plz PM me and let me no. Thx

New Group

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*Ten FREE-N-CLEAR in Ten*

Check it out, Join, participate, invite others!


Hi Anita!

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thanks for stopping by my site; I was recently in Sedona-absolutely gorgeous!
Working hard to make the deals happen!
Likewise, wishing you great success,


Properties for sale in Georgia

I am working with an Investor selling SFR, move in ready, quality properties in Georgia. Price ranging from $55K- $79k. Properties have equity and good cash flow potential. Can deal now. Great opportunties. Call or email me if interested.


I am new here and just wanted to say hello. James

Helping Others

Hi Anita, I'm a believer in "Paying it Forward", just starting my Real Estate Investing business, retired military, snd found your short ad in the classified section interesting. Please tell me more about the program you are talking about which helps others with housing needs. Regards, Carl


Hi Anita, nice to hear from one of my favorite places. I lived in Flagstaff for a couple months back in the 80's. I still have friends who live there and in Phoenix, a cousin in Tuscon. I always did love the west. Went camping in Lake Woods one time, very cool, we actually woke up to a black bear in our campsite. Cheers to great investments and DG. Geoff.


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Hello to you.
Hope all is well with your investing. Thanx for stopping by.



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Hello to you.
Hope all is well with your investing. Thanx for stopping by.

Your profile seems to be missing info by the way, want to add anything?


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Hi, and thanx for your note.
I've also always enjoyed Arizona, quite a diverse state for what it has to offer.

The brown bear story seemed like a close call!

Cheers! To your investing as well

Rehab money

Looking for hard money or private money lenders to rehab homes in north Alabama.

God Bless


Investment Opp. p.s.

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Life is good and it is Great to be learning from different buyers.


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Great thought .Thanks for inspirations


Hi, I am looking for REI who want me to get them houses in florida and surrounding states for a small fee.

thank you for your time.


Hello ???

Im new here. I want to know where can i find the bird dogging area ? I dont have money to invest right now living on a very tight budget but i have alot a good deals. Thank you for your time.

Partner up with me - Investors needed!!!!

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Need investors for multiple real estate projects. I have the lender for Florida funding 90% of total projects. Need investor for 10% remaining, minimum investment 30k (this will fund 3 projects)
Project manager,contractor,RE agent and 90% funded are ready. Only in Florida, but we will expand to other states.
PM me for details or midastouchpropllc at gmail dot com
Mention DG site ad.

Historic Hotel

I am extremely new at this investing business, however I have fond on craigslist an offer to sell a 55,000sq/ft historic hotel in southeast Kansas. It is located aprox 11/2hours from Joplin Missouri. If any one is interested I will get more info, please let me know.





Hello my name is Steven and I was looking for contacts that might be interested in paying a small finder fee. Recently I went back to college and I noticed around the school that all of the sudden homes going up for sale and one former coffe house. It seems like it would a real estate Investor Paradise. My issue is being that I am a college student I am 100% broke, but if I could bring a buyer and seller together and get paid a finders fee that would be pretty good. The other thing is I am not looking to get rich of one deal lol, I just want what every fair is. I never done any of this before but it would be a great way to make some side money well in school and then take the money and invest in my own property. Anyone Interested?