My name is Theresa and am a beginning investor looking for hard money and to bird dog. I live in the Roaring Fork Valley and the opportunities are here! Please PM me if you are interested in working with me.

Seeking properties in Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Denver

PM right away I have buyers ready to purchase and close quickly.
Call 877-WE BUY 10
or PM right NOW!!!

Please contact me!

Hello - I'm doing some bird dogging in Colorado, I specialize in Jefferson and Douglas Counties where there are lots of short sales and foreclosures. Would like to have the opportunity to work with you.



Has anyone in the northern colorado area had any luck finding good realtors and or attorneys to work with on assigning properties I am mainly interested in wholesaling to investors.If so please contact me. artelogie@**** Thanks Art

Southern Colorado

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Is anyone experienced or familiar with the market in the Pueblo area?

Colorado Springs (El Paso County)

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I have recently started my business and I would love the opportunity to work with seasoned investors to help me get up and running asap. Also, if anyone out there needs bird-dogging in this area, I am ready and willing. Have a blessed night.

Where you at COLORADO

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So, where are all the Coloradoans making money in real estate? Would like to network. (Denver metro area)Cha Ching!! PM to start convo. Thanks.

Extreme Ventures.LLC

I just started my company im looking fo any investers that would like to flip,fix,and sale.I am also looking for a partner and I am willing to give shares from my company to a partner that is willing to learn and grow with the company.I do need some capital as well.

Big Difference in areas of Colorado

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With All Due Respect To All

As a Colorado native I know, different areas in Colorado are extremely different from each other. The area of Colorado I live in is the Central Mountains Roaring Fork Valley. The "valley" consists of towns from Aspen to Glenwood Springs and west all the way to Rifle. Each town is uniquely different from each other in RE, demographies, and attitudes.
I live in the town of Carbondale where finally the market is moving. I am looking for Cash buyers and landlords who want to buy and hold and Short Sale investors interested in this area. The average mint condition 3/2/SFH has dropping below $300,000 $600,000 in 08. This is a desirable town and easy renting with average rent for $1200-$1800/mth. Carbondale is down valley from Aspen and has unique character. I am also willing to work for buyers/landlords in Rifle get deals (oil town) productions have slowed but Rifle is growing and oil is here to stay.
If you are interested PM me Theresa



I am interested in doing some wholeselling in the denver area possible out of state and am interested in learning anything that can help me.
PM Me I need desperate help.

Lindsay Hammrich

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