Hello Fellow Arizona Friends

I am a novice REI With excellent credit/down payment money but currently no job! In process of building buyers list for assignment deals and also looking into hard money lenders for possible 100% financing for quick fix/flip or to hold and refinance for cash out. Anybody have experience with doharmoney.com Hard money lender for Arizona investors??

Also looking for investors to sit down and talk real estate or possible mentor. Very Eager young adult here with a burning desire to get into the Game!!

Thanx everyone God Bless!

Whom would like to join my Buyers list?

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In other words if I had a phenomenal deal and couldn't close...who would want me to contact them?

I am in Phoenix. AZ, building my buyers list and in training with Dean Graziosi's Success Academy. There's more information in my account.

Feel free to respond to this message!

Mary E.

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