I need stability ASAP

Hello All,
I've had these books for about a year and have had a rough start. Since then my situation has become even more critical. I am now living in Motel6, no transportation, bad credit, unemployed, and struggling full time student. I am a former veteran and no stranger to hard work with reasonable terms. I recently was driving with some friends when we passed a commercial property that was an unfinished shopping mall. My friends told me that it had been sitting there for a year because the developer had went bankrupt. That got me wheels to turning and redirected my focus back to real estate and dean's books. My thoughts were with the economy like it is, this is a great opportunity to create jobs at a much needed time as well as a great real estate venture! What I need is some direction on how to go about this matter because I am a newbie still and had quite a rough time in my first real estate endeavours. . .

Thanks in advance!

new investor

I'm a new real estate investor and I got a property to sale I need a good real estate agent and I need help getting started talk to me my email is dnl.cmrforlife@**** email me with any info and any question. Thankyou!


hi' i'm cindy i'm new to investing. any advice would be of help. any advice for someone with bad credit no money. i read Dean's book Profit from real Estate now.

I need help with financing for my first deal.

Hi, my name is felicia. I am so very eager to get started but with my credit it is almost impossible to get started. I have found some amazing deals but I have no money to get started. I am looking for someone who is willing to finance me and I will pay them back the cost of the loan plus 10 percent on sale. I need to get this working for me so that I can give my kids the life they deserve and I can achieve financial independents.
I know there is someone out there saying to themselves, "I can afford to help out those who are out there struggling to get started because I know it is possible to succeed".

Thank you,

As we know that stability is

As we know that stability is very necessary in any plan or strategy to get success or target. Some people don't give much importance to it which is not right way to make a strategy. In the above article these points discussed. However, I try to get best university assignment services in australia but you said right and we should follow these points. Thanks for this information.

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