I'm in Calgary

Ho Charles. Where are you located? I am in Calgary. I'm an experienced real estate investor in the Alberta market. Just looking at this site and the opportunities south of 49. Have you done any deals yet?

Talk soon

From Vancouver

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Hi JM from Vancouver B.C. I have done tax liens in Florida but looking for REI partnerships in emerging markets like Atlanta, Washington etc.

Hi JM. Never got an email

Hi JM. Never got an email notification and just saw your reply now. I have been doing transactional lending on short sales and fix and flips south of 49 but do want to start exploring my own real estate transactions and am looking in the Phoenix area. Lets keep in touch and see how we fare with US real estate investing.
Talk soon

New to the Business - could use a mentor

Hi all my Canadian RE Investors. I live in Halifax/Dartmouth (area), Nova Scotia, Canada.
Most of you, I've noticed, are from Western Canada, is there anyone else besides me, from the East?
Sure could use some help getting started as a real estate investor. I have read Dean's Books and am following Dean's Blueprint, but it all pertains to the USA regulations. I need to know how I can find out the regulations for the Atlantic Provinces, on RE Investing. I'm mainly interested in "Fix & Flip" Homes, with out using my own cash.
I have so many questions to ask.
Look forward to a response from someone interested in Mentoring me, or assisting in anyway you can.


Hi Debbie. Sorry for the

Hi Debbie. Sorry for the late reply. I guess my question is where do you want to invest? US or eastern Canada? Or western Canada, for that matter? There is a ton of info for Canadians and several best selling books done by Don Campbell of REIN. Not sure if you are a member or not.

If you want to go south of 49, then Dean is the real deal. If that is the case then I would not worry too much about where you are in Canada, we all have to cross the border.

As for regulations, don't get too excited. Most of them more pertain to your tax advisors and etc. If you just want to do fix and flips, the calculations Dean uses to figure out what to pay are generic. You will still need to generate a team of contractors to do the renos.

Most important if you want to get into this is that you have to do your own marketing to find them. Realtors are retail and savvy RE investors know that the best deals are off the market.

Hope this helps. Please keep in touch.

New to the Business - could use a mentor

Hello all Canadian REI

I am in Toronto and looking to invest in the States.

I am new in this and could use some help.

I see all the posting are from 2011, are you still there?



Hi Laurent Good to hear from

Hi Laurent
Good to hear from you. Yes, I'm still looking at real estate south of 49. My questions to you is what do you want to accomplish? Why does it have to be in the US? Where do you want to be in 5 years with RE investing?

These are some of the questions you have to answer before you go running across the border to buy RE. There are a lot of complexities down south. Taxes, property management, renos and etc. You want to have a very clear game plan going forward no matter where you decide to invest.

Hope this helps, Laurent. Let me know what your thoughts are.


Investing in Florida

May 20, 2012

I am new to real estate investing and I am trying to start wholesaling. Why in U.S.? because great deals are there right now. I live in Toronto, On. and I am looking for someone t partner with to get deals done. I am looking at "No money down deals" in order to generate cash flow. Can you help me to get my first deal done.


Hi Folks, New to DG Nov

Hi Folks,

New to DG Nov 2012. I am in the GTA Ontario Canada.Going through the website to learn more about REI.


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