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Greater Vancouver Area in B.C.
About Me: 

10 Coolest Things About Me:
[As DG advised I list down]
1) I try to stay humble
2) I consciously want to be a good dad, friend & community member.
3) I sincerely care for others - service & support & donating to charity
4) I love to turn a disadvantage into an advantage; a problem into an opportunity (flat-footed boy who became fastest runner in school)
5) I am a man of faith and belief and work to strengthen it daily.
6) I have a grateful heart, constantly thankful for the simple things in life
7) I'm a creative artist - love art, music, literature & writing
Cool I love sports, outdoors, camping, fishing, crabbing, hiking, tennis, travelling etc.
9) I have a nack for finding bargains, deals & WIN-WIN situations.
10) I am a child of God

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Basic Info

Sales & Marketing professional / Real Estate Investor
Have Child(ren)
Completed College


Love your profile listing

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Was just following the your lowball offers postings, which I have saved for future reference.
Jennifer E

Thank you

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Hi Jennifer ,
I'm glad you found value in our "low ball " offers discussion and like my profile. I read your discussion with interest and sent you my views. Pls. Feel free to be be in touch. Take care.


Hello JM

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It's like looking in amirror. I read your profile and we have the same likes and habits. Nice to "meet" you.