Looking for Cash Investors

Hi everyone, Eric here I am new to the group and to this website but already have deals in the making. I am looking for cash investors who want to do investments in Cleveland. I have a deal with a potential retail buyer now!! Make money in weeks. If anyone is interested please pm me. The buyer would like to take advantage of the tax credit that is expiring. P.M. for more details.

I am Doing Investor Deals Like Crazy!

Doing 100% financing which includes purchase price + rehab funds and closing costs. All rolled into the loan PM me for details.
Area of Lending: IL, IN, OH, WI, PA,

Merry Xmas and To all DG Family

hello There ,Im new in this site and i dont even finish reading my very first book from dean graziosi " your town your real estate profits " Did you do deals or fund also in new york long island area or know investors who can help me fund my deals , and please send me more info. thank you and family

Merry X'mas

More info

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Are you financing on RE deals?
If so, please, contact me.

Looking for Lending.

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I am an investor looking to do business in the Houston area and a DG family member. I noticed your ad and wanted to know more information.

Need financing

Hello Goldraker. I have a 2/1 house with full basement in IL and need financing. under contract for $23, prop trend values at $59K. Please contact me, if you could help or participate. I am one Dean's Real Estate Investors.
Thanking you in advance.


investor deals

I would like to find out more info about what you are doing I am in western pa. mayby we can partner up sal

Pa Property

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I am looking for investors for Northeast Pa. Property.

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