"AAAA Future Vision making investors money

WOW we have some really satisfied investors. The lowest interest rate any of them made was a 14.13% and if the property owners refi on that note then the yield is even higher!!. We are closing our second note in the last two weeks and this is making our investors great rates of return and we make a finders fee!! It is a win-win

How & Where can I get Started Please - New to Deans Family

Hello Deans Family,

I am proud to be a part of you, I am on to Dean's new Program Your Town Your Real Estate Profit and reading his books furiously, I am still confused I have lots of Real Estate 3 days training but so far DEAN and his program is the best one I have come across.

My Million Dollar Question is from where and How should I get started.



Looking for Cash Investors

Hi everyone, Eric here I am new to the group and to this website but already have deals in the making. I am looking for cash investors who want to do investments in Cleveland. I have a deal with a potential retail buyer now!! Make money in weeks. If anyone is interested please pm me. The buyer would like to take advantage of the tax credit that is expiring. P.M. for more details.

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