Looking for Investors to Partner with in Massachusetts

Is there anyone that interested in investing in MA? please let me know. I have a great plan that I want to implement.

Just getting started

Hey!! I found Mass. investors out there. Just getting started. I have a real estate background. I have done a few deals in the past,but it has been a numbert of years. I want to get back in the GAME!! Cant wait to chat with anyone out there. Looking forward to meeting with my fellow investors @ a meeting. Jim

REI meetings In worcester.

I have yet to attend any meetings in the Worcester area. Can anyone provide more information. Thanks Jim from Gardner


I am new. I am getting my feet wet. I am located in central mass. I have some birddogs and am always looking for properties. If there are any groups or people that want to partner up pls. mseeage me

I live in Nantucket

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Seeking to connect.

SE Massachusetts

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Wholesaler on the Cape.
Looking to connect with cash buyers looking for sf on beautiful Cape Cod. Please let me know what you are looking for.

Also love to hook up with any other wholesalers on the Cape and Islands to JV.
Thank You,

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