Looking for Investors to Partner with in Massachusetts

Is there anyone that interested in investing in MA? please let me know. I have a great plan that I want to implement.

investing in mass

Hi I am investing in Mass and would like to talk.
I am located in Lynn how about you?

Hello DCA44 I' am in

Hello DCA44

I' am in Brockton, I can do business anywhere in MA. I will be sending you a PM.


I'm located in the greater Boston area and would definitely like to hear about your ideas. You can reach me at

Live in Salem Ma

Would like to get team to better communicate
In all areas, I now have 2 agents and compling investors please feel free to drop
Me a note
I started a club page 2 on DG site
Under Salem mass & 01970

Las Vegas is time to buy

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I can get Las Vegas properties with tenants in place cashflowing. $100,000 price point under market $25,000 to $35,000.
PM me if you need more info.

I'm in Somerville and would

I'm in Somerville and would like to group up for a rehab project. Anybody interested?

Email me direct

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You can email me direct at bluesummerventures@****
I can email you a list of foreclosures in different states,

Hi Tatiana


I hope things are well in good old Somerville, my old stomping grounds in the day.

As far as doing any re-hab with you or anyone, I am more than happy to look into a venture because, I am so advanced with real estate property managment and construction, that I can consitantly cut the best deal on any construction A-Z.

I'm into doing construction non-stop weather Defense & Federal, Highways, tunnels and bridges this stuff goes on in my world every day. I consistantly innovate or improve on systems everyday.

That stuff happens in my world 24/7. I'm a Master Mechanic & Builder with 45 years industry experience.

Let me know what your objectives are and we may reach common ground on some deals.

I'll look forward to hearing from you.


Hi from Allston

Hi guys,

I'm a builder/developer. I'm into every kind of real estate deal and dealing in huge volume.

I can use a lot of partners in Real Estate. I'm from Boston but I am into international business and non-stop purchases. My preference is mixed use. I'm a retail developer; owner of 5 superstore chains, that are big time IPO material. I do multi-media and publishing; Defense & Federal, Chairman of the Congressional Business Advisory Council, a triple business major in International Management, Finance & Accounting, minor in Economics, U-Mass Boston, College of Management.

I'm Federally certified and ccr compliant on 1000s of subjects. My publishing is about my background, PHd's from the schools of hard knocks in the real estate industry, specifically, Painting & Waterproofing Application Techniques. All my media information is exclusive, personal, Intellectual Property that I own 100%, all patents and copyrights. My systems Real Estate and Infrastructure.

See, I bet no one even knew that almost 100% of people in the world are applicating products for finishing systems in a fashion that is worthless, basically. I've given back as a Patriot by developing solutions to infrastructure systems for the Federal Government because guess what, the Engineering Industry grades itself with an F, and believe me, the money that has been going down a dark whole out of the 100s of billions of dollars spent yearly is a train wreck/or a train that has run way off the rails for too long. I've cited re-construction systems; in Iraq & Big Dig Highway project in Boston, for Executive Summary of the BAA I submitted & accepted by DARPA. 3-5 years lead time is the norm for multi-billion projects. I like to fish were the fish. The Corp's of Engineers in the DOD have one huge project after another in the pipe-lines

That project has swamped my head for the last five years. I can't believe I'm the only one who can come up with solutions. What a pain. But, everything comes with a price. Now I want to build my real esate businesses. I seek partners who can handle tasks (i.e.) property management and construction as well as buying huge volume in commercial and hud type operations/large communities. In addition can do a lot of the tasks involved in running State-of-the-Art property management systems. That's what I'm about.

Thanks, I look forward to developing long term relationships with real estate and simalar interested business people.



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Looking for cash investors. Have program where you can invest cash and get 15-20%
return on investment. If interested call Rick 949-635-0812
Or email bluesummerventures at gmail dot com.

Springfield, Ma

Hey im wondering if there's anyone who wants a partner in springfield. There are a lot of potential deals out here.

Springfield, Ma

Hello, I am also from Spfld, we have a few deals going on now and have a bunch more coming up!! I strongly believe in Dean's theory's in helping people with every deal!! Whats your opinion on real estate in Spfls, Ma?

Hi luis I want to invest in springfield

I have a few properties I was looking at in Springfield let me know if you want to partner with me on those. then I will send you the addresses to go look at them. I have a few thousands available to buy cash.

I'm in MA too..

I have been looking forward to getting involved as an investor for quite some time. I live in the Leom./Clinton area. Someone must be investing in this area because all the deals are gone within days of hitting the market..
I would like to join the REI's at the Worc. Hotel every third Weds of the month I think it is. Anyone go?

I have some cash, I would like to get in touch

I was looking at some of them today I was interested in REO but I don't know the area. If you want to be My eyes then we can be partner and work something. Let me know if you with I can send offers and handle the paper work I am a licence Realtor.

We have a team

Hello, My name is mike. I am part of a team from Springfield, Ma. We have a Great short sales negotionator, agent and an investor. We are in the middle of locking up a few properties as we also have a few buyers, our proplem is, our money is tied up and need proof of funds for the banks to lock up some deals to pass on to the buyers! Any sugetions would be great and maybe we could work together! Just a Thought!

I will send you an email

I have an interest.

Re: I have some cash, I would like to get in touch

I have some rental properties in Charlotte, NC, that provide instant equity, postive cash flow and a better ROI than most mutual funds and stock investents do. If you know people interested in earning 7.5% up to 25% (more heavily leveraged), than let me know.

Mass investors!!

Hey neighbor!! I am from Gardner. Lets talk. Jim

REI meeting.

I have not yet attended any meetings More information would be great. Thanks, Jim

mass REI member

i have been a member for about 6 months but have not been to a meeting yet. if your interested in going drop me a line and we'll meet up at the next one.


free /clear property need rehab, looking for short term investor

I have a property in brockton, MA that is free with no mortgage, but is in need for rehab, I am looking for short term investor, I have a package put together with all the property informations, and how this whole project will work. Anyone interested please email me so I can send you all the info.

Free Brockton house

Can you send me this info? I have buyers in central mass that will jump on that if the price is right. Let's talk!

Thanks for your interest

My partner think about holding it for a long term, we are looking for short term investors to do the rehab. If you know someone who has cash sitting in the bank we offer a 10% interest for 6 months. Let me know, I ll keep you posted on this project

W.Mass Investors

Looking for some W.Mass investors to get together every so often and talk shop. Leave a post if interested.

Deals looking in Salem ma area

Have buyers interested any other info for
Salem ma and surounding areas

could use input ideas
thanks to all


Are you looking for property searchers in the Worcester area?

I am understanding your post correctly, are you seeking people to help you locate properties? What kinds of properties are you interested in? I am wanting to become an investor myself but have heard that bird dogging properties is an excellent way to get started. I would like to connect briefly with you to learn more about your team, your priorities, and how I may be a resource to help you locate properties.

Can you please contact me?

Have a great day!


I live in Salem Ma

Would like to connect


North Shore.....Beverly Ma

Eager Real Estate investor looking for a partner on the North Shore. Interested in wholesaling houses.

Let me know if your interested in getting involved in this area..


Cash flow duplexes

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If you are interested in great referral commissions or earning 20% to 25% on investments and generating $650 to $1000 per month cashflow PM me with your contact info.

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