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Brockton MA 02302
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I am a Christian, I am 30 years old married with 3 precious children a son age 4 and twin girls 2, and a wonderful husband. I have an associate in general business and I'm also a license real estate agent in Massachussett. My hubby and I own our home and a condo. We're really want to invest in real estate. Anyone that are looking for partners can join us.

I like to get involve in my son School activities, on weekend I do all church activities, and stay home with my hubby, my son and the girls

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Real Estate Consultant/ Investor
Have Child(ren)
Some College

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I just want to know is there any one in Massachussett in here

Please reply to my post I am ready to start, It is hard when you don't have someone in the same area to talk to when doing those things, please let me know if someone can help me.

Hi, I'm from Somerville, MA.

Hi, I'm from Somerville, MA. What project do you have in mind?

Hi I'm from the south shore

Hi I'm from the south shore area I'd like to see what you have in mind

Hello, Wilnise I too am

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Hello, Wilnise

I too am located in the Brockton area. I have not had a deal yet but I am working hard to do so. I can always use the help of other successful investors and I was wondering if you are still looking for other potential partners.