Looking for Mentor

I am new to the game I am looking for strong people ready to go to work,in the Inland Empire. I am also Looking for Mentor to keep me focused and show me what I am missing. I am willing to talk to anyone that is wiling to help out and get the ball rolling. Please feel free to contact me at my E-mail address as I will answer each and every one.


I am looking for any and all Realtors, Brokers, Money Lenders, Vendors and Contractors. I have many of my own people in place and ready to go to work suppliers and others that I work with and are willing to go to work.

Thank you in advance for any and all attention

looking for a mentor in wa state.

I feel kinda discouraged today because I just got off the phone with two attorneys that said I can't do business this way in wa state. They said if I do a lease option on a distressed seller facing foreclosure - the bank will exercise the due on sale clause. In fact they said I can't do assignment of contracts. Help I really need some friends to network with.


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with an experienced RE attorney before you go further. Spend a few $$ now to save in the end..Jan