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Jan Malek
Herkimer,New York ( upstate New York, between Syracuse and Albany)
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Managing Partner Aiden-Cole Properties LLC.
We are a Buy and Hold LLC in Upstate New York.

Love to work outside around the house. Golf is a game that I have been trying to master for the last 3 years

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Managing Partner Aiden-Cole Properties LLC.
Have Child(ren)
Some College

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Mainly Just This One


The Mentor Program

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Does anyone have input on the mentor program,(the one you have to pay for). It sounds good and could give me the advantage I am looking for, But it seems very$$$$. Anyone who has gone through this program, I would appreciate some feedback from them.


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thanks for the e-mail, JAN. By the way, i guess were pretty much the same since i have a chapter 7 bankruptsy too, i know how you feel...SULLY.

i need a lil help

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hey who yo doing my name is Rene Ayala im from Monticello Indiana 22 yr old male. i have some qestion bt i need pesponse from a real person not some one that is tring to sell me some thing all the time. If yo can help write back.

Bird-Dog contract

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Can you show me that contract you used when you bird-dogged?

I am looking to do this a few times just to build up enough earnest money.

I also have to build up my investor list so I know for sure I can turn over a locked property, so this seems safer for now.

Thank you

So Sorry

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Sorry this took so long, I usually never go back to my profile page. This one is easy, there was no contract, just a shake of hands in front of 5 members of my REI club. That is better than paper. I don't even know if a contract exists for that. Again, sorry it took so long...Jan

Thank you!

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Hey Jan Malek!!
Thank you soo much for the advice.
I used to live Utica, NY. for 4.5 years. Herkimer is a great place. I will look into the lien, I am new and I thank you for the advice.

With love

Sorry about your loss. It sometimes is a sad moment and it would be great if we could live forever, but it's not so. There is a time that is appointed to us all and the best we can do is to be thinkful to have been a part of this great universe. If we are the only life that their is then we are greater than the entire universe. We are the master minds of it all. So just say thank you creater or creation.
Thank you for letting me be a part of your moment in time and I wish you well. kbodkin7@****

PS: you can email me if you wist. Your friend in the th DG family.

hey Jan

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just wanted to stop by and congratulate you on your success and would like to get together with you guys maybe in march.i will be there for training will pm you k?

No Problem

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J, No problem. Just give me a heads up. Looking forward to a meet. I'll let Jeremy know also...Jan


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Nice meeting you at the EDGE and thanks for sharing the ride to the airport! See you on the TOP!


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awesome meeting you at the edge!!! you are a hell of alot of fun!! looking forward to cranking out a deal with you and jeremy may be one of many !!
was great talking and hanging out with you

Bying a multyfamily with no money or credit


I found a distress 142 apartment building on Loopnet. The broker on this is CB Richard Ellis. The cap rate on this property is 10%. The property is worth 3.1 Million.

Now, I would like to hopefully purchase this property with nothing down. that is my goal. Do you have any tips? Anything would be greatly appreciated.

thanks for sharing your success story!

Hi Jan,

I'm very new - to this site, and to REI. Just wanted to thank you and Jeremy for sharing your success story in Dean's book, "Your Town"! Very inspiring and good information. I appreciate that you shared the steps and details; very compelling, and has spurred me and my husband to try Smiling

Hope your success continues, and thanks again! Smiling

Stopping By!

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Just Stopping By to say Hi!
I've been to upstate, actually Syracuse. Beautiful Country I must say.

Take Care and Thanks for All your Great Stuff!



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We wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas 2010 and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year 2011! Believe and Achieve! Your friends, - Joe and Stacey

Ready to close the Deal!!!!

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Hi, Jan
I have read all about you lift my pride the become the best in this investor business.

Problem #1: I have a Buyers that just today have been approved by the bank. Problem is that the house he wants is listed by a real estate agent.

How can i close this deal and still come out on top?

Which form do i use between me and the agent?


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Hi, Jan, I just wanted to pop by and say hi Smiling So, hi lol. How's it going?

Hello Jan Malek

You have a typical Czech name. Are you from Czech Republic? ~ Karel

Hi Jan - Brooklyn in the house!

I've read about you in Dean's book and am very impressed by your RE accomplishments.
I am just starting out in the NYC area and looking for any advice.
I am reading, studying the terms and financing limitations with the various property types; Pre-Forclosure, Forclosure, REO, FSBO, etc.

There are many in all categories in this area but don't know how to, or what to do with em..



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Send me a pm with your questions and I will see what I can help you with. also, my partner Jeremy is in your neck of the woods. If you like I can set up a call for you.....Sorry for the delay, I don't look at this page that much...Jan



My name is Mike V. I'm a student of Dean's.
I'm looking for a 3rd partner to invest into my real Estate Company Affordable Homes For You LLC.
The invest level is a minimum of $20,000. I will REHAB property and sell for a profit.
After the property is SOLD, all expenses paid, PROFITS will be split among the 3 investor's equally.
Then it's onto the next BIG DEAL. OVER AND OVER AGAIN.