Looking for R E I groups in southern california

I would like to attend a Investors meeting in so calif. Does anyone Know were to go, or who to contact ? I would love to tag along. I need to build my Buyers List.!

REI Group

Hi, I am looking for REI grops in socal area for networking, learning and growing together.

Go to Meetup.com, put in

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Go to Meetup.com, put in your zip code and "real estate investment" club and it will give you a bunch of clubs near you. I put in my zip code in Lake Forest and found over ten clubs in my area. Its that easy.


meet up

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Thanks Jeff I found one cloce to me in Corona calif.

REI Group

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Thanks for that info! Does anyone know the cost to belong to one of these groups?


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most rei clubs are free; some charge a fee when they have a special guest speaker; others charge a membership fee that is paid annually; you can call the clubs that are near you and find out which one suits your needs best.

Wishing you success,

You can ask to attend the

You can ask to attend the ones that have a membership fee. Tell them you are looking to join one in the area and you'd like to make sure it's a good fit. This way you can "try before you buy."

Good Luck to you!

Recent REI Club Goers In So. Cal?

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I plan on attending a few groups in the next couple of weeks which I found on Meetup; wondering if any of you were still participating, or plan to be soon. I would love to meet up with a fellow DG Groupie Smiling

REI Groups -High Desert, CA

Any DG members who attended the workshop in Ontario,CA in September? Interested in making contact.

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