Minneapolis / St. Paul REI Group

Come on and join up and let's make this a true dynamic group of folks. I know there are people out there who qualify for this group.
Remember that the power of synergy is amazing!
- Tom Mosman

I'm ready, willing and able to network with other Twin City area members NOW. I'll include all of MN and WI, too.

Let's network, have fun and and make some money together!

Who am I. I started investing while I was still living with my folks over 30 years ago. And I am now getting back into investing big time as I'm off to the Minneapolis 3-day Workshop next week.

I have been a landlord, owned several houses for rent, bought a house lot and built a rental home on it, bought land and split it to create house lots.

Saying all that, I am NOT an expert by any means and that is one of the reasons I'll be at the Whopshop. You see, I have not done anything in real estate for several years and it is HIGH TIME to get back at it.

I look forward to meeting you on this site as we help each other invest in the best real estate market we all will ever see!

Very Sincerely,

Tom M. Smiling

Anyone interested in networking and sharing , may be twice a month?

I started REI 2 years ago and doing ok. But believe I can do more. I have some great deals coming and need some partner since I don't have lots of cash. But I have proven business plan. Also interested in group meeting once or twice a month.

LLC - Type of Business (Wholesaling)

I'm trying to access an LLC number via Dun & Bradstreet. However, real estate wholesaling is not part of the SIC (SIC is the type of business that one will be conducting). I would appreciate if you could throw out some ideas which closely match a "real estate wholesaler" type of business.


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