Motivated Seller in KATY, TEXAS (Relocating)

4 Bedroom / 2 Bath Built 2006
Asking Price $182,000 / ARV $215,000
Repairs $5,000

lets do it

i have a home in denton tx it is worth on tax row $100000. The owner is asking 60000. for it has fire damage inside i have a cew that will charege $20000. to get it ready let me know if any one is interested 3beds 2 car garage 1 and half bath on 1600 sq ft

Motivated Seller in KATY,

Motivated Seller in KATY, TEXAS Relocating and the price is very reasonable which mentioned here. My friend said he brought $10000 since ten years ago. A term adwww is interesting having a lot of reasons and i want to know these reasons here.

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