Need Buyers!!! Please Help!! my first Deal. What to Do?

Hi, All I have 3 contracts for sale but I have lost my list of buyer forgot to save it on a separate file. I know I know. I didn't create a plan B. I know my mistake. But....Please help. is any body need property in NY one house and 3 store front. the house is rented. and another house with a big lot next to it and a house new construction in GA. for Less then $50,000. a buyers back structuring plan for the house in GA. Please PM me if you need more info.
I am creating a new list as of Today!!

Thank you,
Success and nothing Less!!

help is on the way...

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i may be able to help just send me a pm

Any property in Queens,NY

I am interested in only Queens, NY. Do you have any, send me a PM

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