Need a push foward Lancaster,PA

I just read the first of 2 books recieved from Dean.I do believe this is very workable.Is anyone in the area which I can "shadow" I do intend to join the Academy just don't have it yet.Thanks for any help and support

Looking to invest in Lancaster, PA too.....

I used to live in Lancaster, PA for 22 yrs and now we've lived in upstate NY for the last 2 1/2 yrs......we are looking to move back to PA. We are looking in the Bucks County area. We want to invest in Lancaster County though. We just got the book and are excited about the possibilities for our family. We keep hearing, "Follow what Dean suggests and the rest will follow". I just got the book yesterday and have read 103 ppgs so far and can't put the book down! LOL! Maybe we can work together on some projects. Good Luck.

Lancaster Pa. invester's

Hi everyone from the central Pa. area. I live in the county next to you "Lebanon county". I would be more than glad to get together with anyone to share information and any ideas that will get us up and going.I have purchased the SFL system but have a lot to learn about networking. I can use a cumputer but still have a lot to learn. Hope to hear back from somebody,anybody PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks

new to the Dean Graziosi family, needing help getting started...

Hello, I am new to this program, in the process of reading Be A Real Estate Millionaire, and just curious if someone can give me a push in the right direction or even be a mentor.

Thanks, Jerry

New Investor in SC

Daddyjack13's picture

Hello everyone I am also new to the program and would love to partner with someone here in South Carolina or someone who is willing to mentor. We have alot of opportunity here! So let me know if you would like to work together. Thanks

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