Need a push foward Lancaster,PA

I just read the first of 2 books recieved from Dean.I do believe this is very workable.Is anyone in the area which I can "shadow" I do intend to join the Academy just don't have it yet.Thanks for any help and support

New Investor

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I just want to add that I also have read Dean's New book and I am excited and overwhelme a little seen the possibilities of becoming financially able. I am a disable retired veteran unemployed right now because of back problems. I've been seeking for a home business and I always end up with real state. I have ordered some other courses but Dean's books explain everything more realistic and easy to understand. The last two years have been very hard financially for us. In 2007 I lost a lease option I got without a lots of experience and uncle sam confiscated my funds so is being an strugle since. I want this, I need this. I dont have any money to invest, but I am learning how to make deals with not money down. I am considering lease options and foreclosures. I talk to coach hotline, but I can afford it right now. I still believe I can find couple of good deals if I do everything Dean recomends on his books. Any how I wish all a millionare time..

No money invester in Houston, TX

I live in the Houston, TX area. I am going to school as both a real estate sales agent, and as an apprasor.
I really want to get into the investment side of real estate, but have no money to invest. I am looking for someone in my area that I can talk to and get some local guidance from. Does anyone know if there is an invester group, or just an invester that would like someone to help them in this area, that I could hook up with? Thanks in advance.

Become a Real Estate Agent And You Are In A Position To Make It

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When you become a agents and if you are atune to what is going on in the market you could make alot of money. You be able to spot opportunities for subject to and when a person is facing foreclosure 9 out of 10 times that person will contact a Real estate Agent. Also Real Estate Agent don't like taking properties that are in condemm condition. You could make create a deal and get paid of that.Provided that you have a data base of investor buyer. You will also have access to the MLS you can find out who bought every condemm property and in what area look up in the county record,I'm pretty sure that the property was purchase under the name of a entity. With that you could build up your investor data base. With that I remain.

new commer

I just bought Deans book and have not recieved them yet in the mail. I am very excited about getting started. Is there anything that I can do to get started while I wait for my books to come. I have been looking at all of Deans websites and testimonials. Help !! Thanks


I have no money to invest and bad credit.But what I do have is a strong desire to learn and work hard if someone could help with advice or point me in the right direction.HELP PLEASE! THANKS

New investor. Detroit,MI.

I'm a newbie with no money, bad credit, and no experience in real estate. I've chosen "assignment" as my strategy to start with. Find investors, find properties, and bring the two together. Sounds great right? Here's my dilema. In searching for investors I stumbled across twenty plus properties. Yes "20+ for sale by owner", with one phone call and I don't have any investors located yet. If you are an investor, or know any in my area... HELP PLEASE! Thanks so much.

Help in AZ

i also am a newbie with bad credit and no money, i just recently lost my job and am really
motivated to learn i am looking for a mentor
or partner up with somebody to make some
money, it doesnt matter if your in Az or
somewhere else,the internet and phone will
work too, i just need help Thanks Eiaron


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Hi Eiaron:

What is your situation, maybe we can join our ideas and efforts.

New Commer

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How's things going since October.
I'm finding as I am getting started here that it helps to get to know the community. You'll find what you're looking for as long as integrity and honesty is part of your mode of operation.

Good luck,

New Investor

I just finished deans book and i feel like im ready to start now. I live in Massachusetts and I am looking for someone who lives here that would like a partner.I am working two jobs now and I am married, I think its time for a change. Like many others I have no money down and do not have that good of a credit. I would appriciate the help, Thanks

Bad Credit

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But I will over come. Watch me

Good Luck Mr Morrison......

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Taking action is the first step.....
Things will happen for you!!!
Best wishes!!!

Alex Rubio from Houston

Hello Houstonian

Mr Rubio this is Mr estate mind set i'm also from houston and am also new!!!(just got a catchy user thats all) I have so many ? this is actually my third time on this site, there's so much info! So where do i start? where can i get contracts to look @ ?... If i find someone to sell, which is the best contract to put infront of them? which is the fastest way to find buyer?
I'm really not looking for short-cuts just don't want to waste time... Where do i start? help with ur best advise please?

New Investor - Southern California

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I am also a new investor and bought Dean's books in November 2009 and have read them twice. I have been accepted into the Success Academy and my excitement is off the chain!

OMG...I have been perusing the foreclosure listings in my area and to my amazement there are thousands and thousands listed in a price range that will get me started.

I can't wait to fire my boss! Yahoo, here come the Judge!

My credit is improving.....

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Hi everyone,
I started year 2007 with a 500 average score... now is around the 680's hopefully this will help me with Real Estate...

Alex Rubio from Houston


I am located in st paul mn and I am looking to partner up with someone or group that can help each other do deals and learn from each other.
I am a contractor specializing in tile and I also have construction knowledge.
I have the ability to do anything I set my mind to,but could always learn more
So any interested party please let me know

P.S. I'm not limited to my area I am unemployed and willing to travel

must see now~!

new investor

Hello everyone,

I live in the Washington, dc area and house's here are much higher than in other area's. Is it possible to implement Dean's stratagies in this area? I have read the books and have taken baby steps toward starting, but most real estate agents are not willing to work with investors.

There are sevearal Pre-foreclousers and foreclouser right in my neiborhood I would love to get.

Any advise?

Investor Partner with Cash Flow needed - Any State

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I have desired to invest in real estate for years now during my career as a legal secretary. But I just gave up previously because I did not believe I could really buy properties with other people's money. I really have a mission to buy properties and prepare them for Section 8 applicants and seniors to start off after I gain some income from my first two deals. I want to do this as soon as possible.Now that I have started reading Dean's book I believe this can work but in order for me to get started I need an investor who can put up the cash/credit so we can both make a profit from properties I could find and this would help me get out of a miserable situation where I do not need to be and that simply is working for other people who are not professional from my last job, and a job is just a job so Let's do this and I can get out of this rut and we can make a lot of money together.

New Investor Jacksonville, FL

There are lots of good deals on property in Jacksonville right now, but I am focused on 3 in particular; 1 in particular where a fourplex is selling for $14K and needs $20K for rehab. The market value is $130K. I am looking for an investor or someone who can qualify to get a loan for $40K. I want to rehab it, rent it out and refinance it, which would give me enough money to do the next deal(s) easily. I am very motivated, focused and determined to succeed, but I have no money and problem credit. I am out of work due to an injury at work and have a wife and 4 children. I Want to do real estate; funding is the only thing holding me back.

I am willing to split the profits (of the rent, sale, or refinance) with anyone that can put up or qualify for $40K financing. Please help me get my start.


Haven't finish book but ,

I would like to know how do i find owners of properties that are full of weeds or boarded up to make an offer to buy cheap and sell 4 a profit. HELP...

Boarded up Properties

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It depends on the county, you can find the owners starting with their address, go to the tax assessor's office and online there should be some information about who paid the taxes last on the property, then you may have to pay an online search service, this does not cost a lot, about a couple dollars to get a phone number or current address. It just takes time to research the owner, or you can go to the courthouse and check the recorders records to find out who signed the deed, look for the mortgage note and get the name of the owners. Good luck because this is the same mission I am on once I can make money to pay my personal living expenses, I am planning on finding owners of abandoned properties. Some of the owners could be banks after the property is sold at foreclosure.

Just got deans books

I just got the books and i'm reading like there is now tommorrow,i'm yearing to make myself a millionaire and my family secure for life ,sometimes i don't go to sleep until midnight,but i'm just eager to succeed.

San Diego Investor/Dean's Coaching

Are there any fellow investors out there in the San Diego Area who might want to partner up and do some deals together. I just completed the coaching and have lifetime coaching services. Contact me!

new jersey newbie

just started reading books it can be done anyone in south jersey area that would like to team up contact me

I live in central jersey.

I live in central jersey. I'm working on a buyers list. I hadn't really thought about teaming up, but it's worth considering. Exactly what did you have in mind?





I am interested in

I am interested in partnering up with you. I am totally new to this and I would love to have someone on my side to help me,coach me and I will do the same. If you are interested,let me know

Where do you live?

I live in Flagler Beach FLorida. Where are you?

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