network north central missouri

Just getting started, I only know of one REI group in Missouri, in Kansas City. Networking to make contacts and build buyers and sellers lists is new, too. Anybody in this area wanting to form a group?

Back in the game

Sounds like most of our group is in the southern half of Missouri. I have to confess, I haven't been 'in the game' myself for quite a while. Now that I am laid off, perhaps that will give me incentive to get busy again. There are many properties for sale in Macon County, but my financial situation won't allow me to put down money myself on anything. So, maybe assignment or sandwich lease is how I should go. Anyone interested? Let me know what you are interested in.

Lets Network


We are new investors and just joined Dean's Success Academy and looking forward to investing in real estate.
Starting to work on our buyers list.
Our location is in beautiful lake of the Ozarks, Osage Beach, Mo. Excited about making contacts with other investors and learning from their experiences. We are trying to do bird dogging to begin with. I am headed to my first auction today to hand out some business cards and going to my first REI club in Kansas May 11th. There are many variety of homes to choose from that are up for auction and are in foreclosure. I think I have finally figured out where to put my message so it will get through. Hope your group is still up and running. Thanks

Let's talk

I think it's time to find out what everybody is up to and if we can network to help each other. That is the idea behind this group. My experience is little to none, but I am willing to learn. I am interested in hearing what progress each of you is making, whether it is reading books and studying, or actually implementing the techniques studied. I live in a rural area, in a small town. I see a lot of properties for sale in this area, but the value hasn't dropped a lot. For a short time, I was contacting realtors on behalf of a short sales specialist. Haven't heard anything out of him for a while, and he is no longer on the dg site. Comment on what you are interested in doing and how you would like to accomplish it.

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