New England Real Estate Investors

I hope this group will serve as a common ground for any investors in the New England region. I am personally from southern New Hampshire, but wanted to keep this group slightly more diverse (Especially as I think I am 1 out of 2-3 members from NH, lol).
I hope that we can all help each other learn and grow. I know that networking w/ other DG followers, in our local area, will absolutely be beneficial for all!

hello from central Connecticut

new to investing looking for support, advice and maybe help with some leads in this area if needed from time to time glad to be apart of your group.


I am currently studying with the real estate academy and also have set for life.

I work about 65 hours a week just to get by and don't feel as if I can give as much time to studying and implementing all the info. Also it all seems overwhelming to me at times and I seem to be spinning my wheels.

Any advice out there.

Thanks Brendan


Just purchased my first investment property in the Poconos. .3 acre ready for development lot in a gated resort-style comminity. Now I am excited about marketing and seller financing the property on agreement or selling it for someone else to hold, or resell. Still have some fear, but step one is done! The process is easy and the properties are valued at nearly five times the purhase price. Wish me luck!

--John Pringle

Taking off!

I'm excited to see that this group is growing!

I am hoping there will soon be enough of us in the area to start a group and meet once a month. It would be great just to discuss our current market and bounce ideas off one another. As DG students, I believe we all know how important networking is to our future success.

If anyone is interested in making this happen, please, show your support. Also, anyone who would like to communicate directly, feel free to PM me.

C'mon New Englanders!

I know I'm not the only 1 here! I was hoping to find that there where more of us here then I had originally thought. At this point, I'm looking sadly mistaken.

Don't leave me alone! Sad Haha.

Seriously tho, all jokes aside, I know there are quite a few of us here. Networking is extremely important! Meeting other REI's from our local area, could become a vastly invaluable asset.

Why not add weapons to our arsenal? Knowledge is power! At worst, we can bounce ideas and discuss local market conditions.

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