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Michael K Hutchins Jr
Bedford, New Hampshire
About Me: 

My name is Mike, I am 23 and I am dedicated to making REI a successful career and lifestyle!

I am expecting a baby boy in mid October! Smiling This is one of my biggest motivations, the fact that my life is not the only one riding on my success. I know that in order to make a future for my family, I have to make this happen. I don't want my child to struggle financially like I have my whole life. I want great things for him!

I have worked all over the trade industry. Construction, demolition, plumbing, landscaping, hardscaping, drove forklift, worked in the stockroom and warehouse, even worked for the USPS as a mail clerk.

I am currently w/ the New Hampshire Army National Guard, 372nd Signal Company, out of Manchester, NH. I joined April, 20008. I will probably be deploying w/ my unit to Kuwait, in August, 2010. (Which means I have the next year to get the ball rolling before I go on my 1st tour!)

I drill w/ my unit one weekend a month, but do not currently have a full time job. I still do some trade work, on a part time basis. However, the trade industry is horrible right now, pay stinks and work is slow.

This has hurt my financial situation significantly and is in-turn hurting my pursuit of REI. But, I am determined! I refuse to give up and will continue to be motivated and passionate in pursuing my dream of a career in REI.

I am confident that I WILL BE one of Dean's next success stories! It is simply a matter of time. Smiling

Until then, good luck and see you at the top! Think outside the box!!
-Mike Hutchins

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Multi-channel transmission system operator/maintainer
Have Child(ren)
Some High School


Nice job

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Hi Mike, I just want to personally thank you for severing our county. You have jump right in, thats what I like to see.
Keep it up


Hello, thank you for your support! Without the support of Americans such as yourself, we couldn't do what needs to be done.

Thanks again and good luck! Smiling


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Hey Mike,

Do you happen to have a business Facebook account? If so, I'd like to invite you to join me.

I just opened my account this week so there aren't many people there yet.




I apologize, I know you posted that a week ago. I don't check my own profile very often lol.

I do not have a Facebook business account. I'll have to check it out. Is it worth setting up?

Thanks! Smiling
-Mike Hutchins

I'm gettin on the train...

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All right Mike, I'm on board. Let's rock and roll buddy. I'm located in Rhode Island and right now there's a little bit of everything here to jump into: foreclosures, fsbo, single and multi-family, tax sales, probate - you name it. I've read both of Dean's recent books, BARM and Profit from RE Now and am pumped to say the least. I'm joining a real estate investors group that I located in RI which I'll stay in contact with you to let you know what kind of networking and info gathering takes place. How did you make out with your 1st offer?

Hope Hill Properties, LLC


Welcome! That is the right attitude to have! You sound like your right on track, stay the path until you reach success. My 1st offer was accepted but I am working out some fine details still at this point.

In the next few days everything should be inked and ready to go as long as all goes well and according to plan. I should have all contracts in place in the next week and will close in the next 90days.

I'll be sure to keep updating as things progress.

Good luck! Smiling
-Mike Hutchins


Hi Mike,
I would also like to
Thank You for serving our country.
Success is waiting for you.


Thank you for the support, it is much appreciated! I wish success for you as well! Smiling
-Mike Hutchins

Thanks for your service

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I just wanted to congratulate you on your service to this great nation that affords us all the opportunites that we take for granted. You are a true Patriot. I have one nephew currently at West Point, and another serving in the Marines. Their father served in the Gaurd as well, so I know how tough it can be on you guys. Once again I appreciate your service. If I can assist you in any way please don't hesitate.

God bless you, and God bless America!

My best regards for all your real estate endeavors. And best wishes for you and your family, and your new baby boy on the way.



Thank you very much for the kind words of support. Best wishes to your nephews! Your willingness to help is much appreciated!

God bless you as well and of course, God bless America!

I wish you and yours much success as well! Thanks again for the kindness and support, it is truly appreciated! Smiling
-Mike Hutchins


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I enjoy reading your posts and I believe you will be very successful in real estate. Sometimes you have to take things as they come and as other members have said, it is great that you are serving our country. God Bless the USA! I enjoy celebrating the 4th of July each year and it is because of the brave and dedicated people in the armed forces that we can all enjoy Freedom. Continued success with real estate and I look forward to reading about your continued progress. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe


Thank you much for the kind words and support. I very much enjoy reading your posts as well. I have gained an immense amount of knowledge from reading your postings and discussing various topics of interest/concern.

I consider you, by far, one of my greatest resources here. I know that I do not just speak for myself when I say your postings are much appreciated.

Thanks again and best wishes to you and Stacey as you continue your success in REI! Smiling
-Mike Hutchins

I live in boston

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Iam looking for people who want to make money in realestate i live in the boston area if i tie up a good property will you help me out

Hey Hey New England!!

Sorry, typo. I'm from Milford, MA.
Thanks, Annette

Greetings from North Central Mass

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Just became a DG student three months ago. Seminar, work shop,and boots on the ground. Saying that Mike, Thank you greatly for your service to this the U.S.A. !

Sure hope you are well and still visit here frequently. Do you attend any of the local REI clubs. Just curious. We met some wonderful people form southern new hampshire there as well.

Dan & Brendalee