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Hi All,
My name is Eric, i'm brand new to this forum. I'm glad i'm here to share and exchange thoughts and ideas with like minded people. Real Estate has been my passion ever since i can remember. I have my license but i'm inactive right now. I'm from the New York area. I would like to know where do i get started in the investing arena with bad credit and no capital? All i have right now is my desire, determination and persistence. I'm looking for someone that i can shadow, and who will mentor me. Please advise.

Sorry it took soooo long, I

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Sorry it took soooo long, I just found your post.

I have been reading my eyeballs out and it would seem your 1st step is to "bird-dog" to build up capital (and RE knolege). Next, wholesaling to get bigger chunks of cash. Where you go from there is up to you. At least that's my plan. I've listened to BARM and read The Dean's List and this is the action plan I came up with.

Hope this helps, good luck.

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