Newbie Needs help

Will be flying into Phoenix shortly and would like to contact some fellow investors, have many questions.
Also looking for partners.
If interested email me @

Im in the Phoenix area with

Im in the Phoenix area with a lot of questions myself, and I am very interested in having brainstorm sessions with like minded people. If we can get a meeting going, let me know!

Am in Phoenix for 3 more

Am in Phoenix for 3 more days have 4 offers out would love to get together email me @ user name.

In Phoenix Area

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Newbie Would like to talk to someone with same mindset I have about investing.


Would love to get together and talk have to go to Dallas tomorrow, will be back 12:30 Sunday for 1 day I am sure you can figure out email.
Sorry Dean about putting my phone number in, hopefully we are allowed one slip up.

Thanks Ron

I'm in Phoenix too/lets talk

Tell me your mindset Spencer. I'm just starting out too. Maybe we can put our heads together and accelerate our success process. You can E-mail Michael if you are interested at beldavi@****.

In Arizona

Hi im a newbie and am looking to partner up
to learn and get some deals done, i have bad
credit and no money, but i am very motivated
to learn and make alot of money i just lost my
job so HELP Please Thanks Eiaron

In Phoenix

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Hi all,

I'm new and reading the books but very excited to be here.



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