Dean Graziosi Weekly Wisdom #237 - Pause for Oklahoma Victims

Once again our nation has been rattled to the core by another destructive act of nature.

Oklahoma has been thrown into chaos over the massive tornado damage and precious lives have been lost. Dean shares the heartbreak of thousands who watch from afar as we can only imagine the pain and suffering being felt by the those at ground zero.

So once again we rally together as a family of "investors" and turn our eyes away from focusing on doing deals to band together to make an impact for the victims. Please watch and share the video to rally support. Every little bit counts. Alone, we can do a little, but together, we can make a tremendous difference. For easy ways to help please click here

Must Pray for One Another

After calling my family in Oklahoma and knowing that they were ok, I am thankful to my God this day. My grandson and his girlfriend are sending clothes and helping out in the area. I will do my part on my end to help out. We all must remember this can happen again anywhere. So love one another and stay in pray daily. Dean you always make time for people so I am not surprise that you are helping out God Bless.

Moore, Oklahoma

Thank you for the thoughts and prayers. I live just a few miles from where the storm hit. As I am a firefighter I have joined with many of the firefighters from all over to help with the rescue and recovery in Moore. To see the destruction first hand really brings it home as to how lucky the rest of us are. I only knew one family that lives in the area and the only thing that they have left is what they were wearing when they went to work that morning. God bless that they did not lose any family members.
I would like to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. And a special thanks to all of the people that are working tirelessly to help Moore recover from this.


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My prayers have been and will continue to be with the people affected by this tragedy. My heart goes out to the folks who have lost family members and loved ones in these storms. It is coming together during times like these that help make us a greater nation and better human beings.


Our thoughts and prayers also go out to those in pain during this time. The loss of loved ones is tremendous and one dreams of going through life without feeling thatheartache though we know it is simply not possible. We were just coming back from a funeral over the long weekend and know closely the pain some are feeling. May the Lord bless us all and keep us strong in these terrible times of devastating loss.

Lisa and James up here in Canada


Thank you Dean giving us an chance to send out some love to Oklahoma. This Tornado has been close to my heart for the last couple days.
My Prayers have been sent to the victims of that incredible day...

How else can we help??
What can you do?

I've sent supplies, and I fly out to oklahoma on monday the 27th to help on recovery!

One person can and does make a difference!!!

Brayden T Holtz

Caring Canadian

Big heart

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Thank you Dean for your big heart and reminding us again of what's important. Moore Oklahoma is having a very different Memorial weekend this time. Our hearts are with them all.


that's right thing to do

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I wish nothing like that happen!!! it's painful to know someone it's hurting. and feel powerless against suffering.


Dean, I was just reading your post regarding Oklahoma and thought yes I can do $5.00 for a donation. I did not think that was much money, but if a thousand people each do $5.00 that is a lot of money to give to the Red Cross.
Thanks very much for the post. Shabelly123



A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way!!!

Dean, kindness makes the world a better and brighter place to live. every thankful for your deeds of kindness you show to so many people and for being a selfless example of caring for others. Praying that God will meet every present need of the people in Oklahoma and begin the healing process and give the renewed strength to pickup and keep moving forward.

Thank You all!

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I really myself appreciate all the thoughts and prayers. My house is literally one block from the Briarwood elementary school. We are right in the middle of the devastation. Every day when I leave my house I am heartbroken at all the lose. Miles and miles of entire blocks gone. That night I had to fight for hours just to get to my house where my sister and my 18 year old son were. I ended up parking my car in a different neighborhood and walked in to get to them. I could not reach my son or my sister by phone for an hour after the tornado hit and had reports that my house was gone. I had no idea whether or not they were okay. The panic I felt was immeasurable. I did not lose my house though or any family members thank goodness. I did sustain quite a bit of damage to my house and am now working with adjusters and getting estimates. I just want to stress how important it is to keep praying for us, because all the damage is still there regardless of all the media, police, and military leaving the area. God is all around us. There are volunteers still helping us but a lot of them are gone now. We did have another storm with tornadoes hit again on the 31st and more damage was done. I am just so thankful for all the help from everyone! Kellie Ward in Moore, OK

Prayers Answered

I believe with your input and
so many of the people from the DG family
praying and donating to help
those in Oklahoma it will be like
an answered prayer when they need it the most.
God Bless! Smiling

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