Property for sale on Long Island NY 600K+ profit.

Hi I have a property for sale in Long Island NY. Potential profit 600K+. If anybody is interested please email me for more details at jdmkproperties@**** or on my website You can also call me at 973 536 2997. I would like to tell all new wholesalers in this group that I will look at any property you send it over my way. (New Jersey only for now ). If you have a property and you want to sell please let me know, I will tell you if it's good or not. If it's good then I will most likely buy it. Don't be afraid, let me help you.

Thanks a lot Dominic.....

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You know that we live in Long Island.....Trader!!! LOL ❌

I was born and raised on Long Island and I live here. I know it like the back of my hand and I also have over 25 cash buyers that are looking for properties.

I'm still working!!

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