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My name is Donna, and I live in Bergen County, NJ. If you live in and around this area, you know real estate was completely out of control the last 6 years or so. Currently, homes are sitting on the market longer than usual. Not unusual to see properties on the market for 6 months to a year, with several price drops. Prices are dropping and homes are entering into foreclosure daily. It's now what they call a buyers market. Let's be honest here, we all want to get a piece of it when it's low, and sell high, right? I am no stranger to pricing homes, both handy man specials or knock downs and remodeled homes. I know what sells, and what doesn't and I know where to spend the money in a rehab to bring in the most for the $.
Hard money lenders are rarely giving out no money down lending. LTV %'s are lowering, points are getting higher, and fees are climbing. They want you to put 10% to 20% money down for some of them to consider your deal. I'm looking for, and you may be too, Hard Money lenders in NJ or that will deal Nationwide, and loan money for residential single family rehabs based on the purchase of that rehab as the collateral for that loan. Then rehab it, rent it out for a couple of years, grow my net worth, then sell when real estate picks up again. I know that sounds like a huge deal, but there has to be someth HML's out there that still do this.
I wanted to create this group, so that we can brainstorm our ideas, share our experiences, maybe work as a group to try to make this work. I certainly do not want to give up at this.
I have been working on creating a list of HML's and will be contacting them one by one. If you have worked with any, which ones worked for you? We can share our experiences, keep our eyes and ears opened for connections.
If you're interested in securing your future with none of your own money, and building your net worth into the millions, then lets jump in and go for it. If you live in the Northern NJ area, ie: Bergen, Passaic, Sussex, Morris, Warren counties, then join in.
Hope to hear from you soon.
DMD Ventures LLC

Property for sale on Long Island NY 600K+ profit.

Hi I have a property for sale in Long Island NY. Potential profit 600K+. If anybody is interested please email me for more details at jdmkproperties@**** or on my website jdmkproperties.com. You can also call me at 973 536 2997. I would like to tell all new wholesalers in this group that I will look at any property you send it over my way. (New Jersey only for now ). If you have a property and you want to sell please let me know, I will tell you if it's good or not. If it's good then I will most likely buy it. Don't be afraid, let me help you.

Staten Island Midland Beach Rehab Property!!!

Large Price Reduction!!!

Midland Beach Staten Island, NY One mile from the Beach!! Total Rehabs.....

The following properties are not on the MLS. However here are the addresses. www.Property Shark.com has pics.

$175k for ALL Three!!!

One 1b @ 60k
Two 2b @ 65k each

173-Moreland Street

175-Moreland Street

1170-Mason Avenue

Staten Island, New York 10306

Email me at webuynw@ h. com to submit your offer now!!!

Looking to network

Good Afternoon,

I am new to this site and wanted to find some groups to join so I could network, learn and grow my business. The RE groups on Dean's site seem to be full of people wanting the same thing it is just that the dates on some of the posts are from a long time ago and I wanted to see what was out there going on now. If you are in an active group in New Jersey I would love the opportunity to join, network and learn from your experiences and hopefully be able to share what I have learned with you.

Thank you for your time and information.
Dianna Gronda

How to Repair Your Credit in 90 Days!!! Part 2

June 21, 2011

Federal Trade Commission
Consmer Response Center- FCRA
600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.,
Washington, D.C. 20580

Dear Sirs/Madams:
For the past several months, I have been disputing several inaccuracies that are listed in my credit report. I have written three letters to the credit bureaus in which I requested these inaccuracies be removed. Unfortunately, the credit bureaus have refused to comply with my requests. The inaccuracies are as follows:

Bureau: Equifax
List all the Account names and Account#s

Bureau: Trans Union Corp.
List all the Account names and Account#s

Bureau: Experian
List all the Account names and Account#s

The AHA! Moment to Dean’s sauce!!

Thank You, Dean for the power of a paradigm shift of seeing the AHA! Moment in correlation with your Grandmamma sauce that was amazing. It is the beginning the root of real estate investing. All is on the rock bottom blueprint. Thank you, Thank you, and
Thank you, Hahaha My Sauce came out amazing good like your Grandmamma with a couple of changes that added my style and personality in to it.

Ps. We just need to work on or behavior and attitude to make it happen.

Sincerely Yours,
Wening Eye-wink

Success and Nothing Less!!

Need Buyers!!! Please Help!! my first Deal. What to Do?

Hi, All I have 3 contracts for sale but I have lost my list of buyer forgot to save it on a separate file. I know I know. I didn't create a plan B. I know my mistake. But....Please help. is any body need property in NY one house and 3 store front. the house is rented. and another house with a big lot next to it and a house new construction in GA. for Less then $50,000. a buyers back structuring plan for the house in GA. Please PM me if you need more info.
I am creating a new list as of Today!!

Thank you,
Success and nothing Less!!

Step 3 Get organize.

It is very important to get organized with all the tools that you need. Have every thing is in order.
1. Documents
2. Forms
3. Sites
4. Data base
5. Follow up list etc

Thank You,

Step 2 get adds

Get Adds going to get your market audience.
Deliver as many as you can in different marketing Web sites. Google it.

Step 1 on getting things Done

1.Get a Voice mail Service that provide you with good Service and all the tools that you need in one place.


Please Help! Serious Cash Buyers Needed!!!!

I have been having a hard time finding serious buyers. Please help with tips or please sign up as a buyer on my website. Any feedback will be helpful!

Please visit my websites and sign up on my buyers list for your area of interest. Best of luck with your future goals!!!




I have join the DG Real Estate Academy!

Hi, Dean and Dean's Family,
Thank you to Mr. Terry, Mr. William, Ms. Amber and my future coach Ms. Diana. I am sure that Real Estate Investment will work to the perfection with Dean's Books and coach services and training. I will be the next... Real Estate Millionaire by Dean Graziosi. "Be a Real Estate Millionaire.
Secret strategies for lifetime Wealth Today"

Formula: Focus +Dedication +Goal Setting +Action = Accomplishment!!!

Thank you,
Wening Cintron

August 26, 2010 Webinar

Thank You! Dean, Josh, Craig and all of the team
For putting a great business together. I really mean it, a great work/team to show us the road map to achieve our dreams. It is just what I need, a knowledgeable guidance with a combination of great materials, the perfect and smart place an a movable working station, Marketing and much more. It will make my work load much easier and it will help me to make money. Other things such as:
Managed and organize my work.
Deposit your work contact in to your account
Make Connection with every one in your net work
Simplicity to it perfection
Import functionality of data from your already created list.
Auto filling capability for your contract documents
Control of your business (Your) Business

Syndication of Property

Hello Investors

My Name is Bernard ,it so good to see that their are others investors out there. I would love nothing more than to create a network and relationship with any other openminded investor that is ready to think outside the box and create some wealth. I am currently
using a finder fee introduction into the Real estate world. My goal is to buy 10 houses hold for 10 years than sell them. If there is anyone out there in the Investor's world I would be more than happy to discuss, brainstorm, share ideas, experience and knowledge.

Good Hunting


Hard Money Lenders and Private Money Investors

I've been combing through the internet looking for hard money lenders for NJ or Nationwide that will deal with NJ. I have found a lot of websites on lists that have possibilities.

Has anyone had any luck with hard money lenders that will give out a loan to an LLC with using the rehab property as the collateral, rather than your own home? That is what I want to locate.

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