RE: Anyone interested in having a group networking meeting?

Hello to all Chicago area members! I am beginning to make plans to have our first networking get together sometime this month. It will be held somewhere in the N.W. Suburbs for the first meeting, place TBD.

Please feel free to contact me with your thoughts or suggestions, looking to expand our market and see if we can entice Dean to come up and see the deals that we have completed using his tools that he has provided for us to use.

Looking forward to your replies, have a great one until we meet.


Karl Erikson

Hello Karl, I purchased

Hello Karl,

I purchased Dean's program and the success college a few weeks ago.I live in Chicago and I'm currently working on a couple of deals now. I would love to attend the meeting in in the NW Suburbs please keep me informed.


RE: Thanks for your reply

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Hello Kewana:

Feel free to contact me when you have some spare time. Let's see what we can do to help you with your business.



Hello Karl

Hello Karl,

I live in Chicago and looking to make my first deal. Please keep me informed.


RE: Thanks for your reply

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Hello Osmiccosmic:

Feel free to contact me when you have a few minutes to spare. Let's see what can be done to help you move forward.

To your success,



Hello Karl,

I am a new investor. I definitely would like to ask you a few questions in regards to investing. Thanks.


Group Meeting

I'm just starting out and looking to make connections with those who want to buy and sell real estate, do short sales, and want to meet like minded people. I'd be interested in attending a meeting.

I'm Interested

Hi Karl,

I would like to get involved with a group of real estate investors in our area. Currently I am a real estate investor wannabe but I have some experience, good ideas and skills to bring to the table. I truley want to evolve to be a legitimate REI and I believe Deans stratagies are the way to go. I live in the NW suburbs and I am looking to invest in this area, and some out-of-town markets.

Keep me posted on the groups activities and let me know when and where, I'll be there!!

Keep on Keepin' on,


Im interested

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Hi Karl, im looking to join a real estate investor club, I live in the far northwest subards. I gotten deans course think a little different about a year ago and got involed in a investor club in my area, but I only went to one meeting and things went bad for me. i been wanting to invest for the past 15 years and never got going. i would realy like to find others to help each other, all i realy need is someone to help push me. I gotton both of deans books and reading them know. im a electrican with the union and been unemployed for 11 months. So I know about the inside of houses just not the selling part. Well keep me informed and let know were your meetings wiil be


I'm interested

Hi Karl,
I've looking to start investing for more than 4 years and didn't take action. I did a course with other mentor, it didn't go as expected.
I am planning now to buy a property for rental; but I am doing it the old fashioned way.
I am interesting in pooling for real estate deals, let me know when is going to be the first meeting. Please try to make it on the weekend, I work M-F second shift

RE: Weekend meeting will do

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Hi Ed:

Thanks for your note, we will try and make it for a weekend. Feel free to contact me anytime to chat.



New to group

Hello folks. New at this so I'm just getting started so I'm looking to meet like minded people> please keep me posted in regards to any meetings. Thanks

Cary-Crystal Lake Area

Hello all-
My name is Paul and I am in the NW suburbs and interested in attending an investors' meeting. Please contact me @ paulyd1978@yahoo and let me know if there is anything going on!

Buy IL Notes for High, Long Term Yields

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Hi All,

We buy IL real estate notes and sell them to individuals & companies that want to receive high returns (10-18%+) that have low Investment-to-Value (ITV) ratio's. The real estate secures all of these notes. We were introduced to this at Dean’s 2009 Edge event in Phoenix.

Currently, we have three high yield IL products that you might consider. They are located in Popular Grove (Boone County), Carpentersville, and Lake Zurich. Please contact us if you have any interest in this type of investment. See our website at: or email us at



let me know when is going to be the nest meeting looking to do my first deal


I would love to join you keep me posted i live in Aurora illinois.

Group Meeting

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Let me know when and where the next group meeting will take place. I intereted in attending. I live in the area of Elmwood Park.

Group Meeting

Looking forward to hearing more on the meeting.
Live in the mchenry area.

looking for my first deal

Hi, my name is Nick, i live in Aurora Il. I am looking for my first deal and would like to join the next meeting, please keep me informed thank you

want to join

Hi karl, Im a new Investor I live in Naperville IL Id like to join the club please keep me posted about any meetings.

would love to network

Hi Karl and everyone.
I also am brand spanking new to this and have purchased dean's book, success academy, and edge 2010. I am working frantically at plowing through the materials to get a foundation. So far I think the edge stuff is the best. All the material and trainers stress the importance of joining an investor club and I think it would be phenomenal to meet with other DG team members. I am really excited to make my first deal, but deathly afraid at the same time. I love the videos, the coaches, this site, but for me there's nothing like face to face. Hope to meet some NW "suburbanites" to stand with me. I'm in Schaumburg - anyone out this way? Michele

Let's Make Some Money!

Hi Karl and Everyone:

I may be a newbie to the REI thing but I have experience as a realtor, loan officer and Loss Mitigation Specialist.I also live around Schaumburg and would love to network. When's our next meeting?

Tom Looze

Hi Karl,I was wondering

Hi Karl,

I was wondering when the meetings are? I am new to real estate investing also and can't wait to complete my first deal. I would love to be surrounded by others who have experience and have questions so we can all help each other out.

Thank you,


Meeting Location?

Hi Karl,
Have you decided where the meeting is going to be at? I have been doing real estate for a while but have not really connected with a group and I know that it is very helpful to connect with groups if you can. So please let me know where it would be.
One of the things I have found in real estate investing is that you should continuously use legal advise no matter what. I have found an economical way to get unlimited access to attorneys and would like to share it with everyone. I lost a lot of money not consulting with attorneys when I first started because lets face it, attorneys are expensive. Email me at ecoyouinvestments at gmail dot com if you want more information on how to avoid legal trouble when investing in real estate and how to get top notch legal services for less than $2.00 a day.
Looking forward to networking with everyone.

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