REI club of Palm Beach County, Fl.

My name is Ralph Brescia; I live in Delray Beach. I've been a DG family member since 4/09 and a Success Academy student since 7/09.
I'd like to organize a group of us DG members. My goal is for us to unite by sharing information and working together collectively.
Challenging as this market is, we all have an opportunity to capitalize on it. I believe we can best accomplish this goal by sharing information and offering support to one another. Just look at all the positive results on Dean's site with others doing this very same thing. It's very dificult to argue with success.
I hope to hear from you soon. I'm really excited by the prospect of us forming a group here in Palm Beach County and the limitless posibilities.

New to the group

I am new to the group and actively looking to purchase town houses/condos in northern palm beach county. The palm beach gardens area. An information is greatly appreciated.


Help Needed

I'm a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson (translation - I need to disclose early and often to non professionals). I was developing a company with a partner since 1999 so I've been out of real estate since then. When I was an active, full time Realtor (it is NOT a part time profession) I was consistantly the top lister in my office. But if I knew then what I've learned recently I'd have been far more successful and wealthy and I'd be retired now. I didn't, wasn't, and I'm not. My current Broker is retiring. I need to affiliate myself with an aggressive Broker in this area (Boynton Beach to West Palm Beach) who is willing to retrain me and mentor me along this new road. If anyone knows a Broker in this area who would be willing to help, please let me know.

LLC's, taxes, penalties and George Carlin!

Hello fellow DG family members,

FYI. I just discovered this past Friday that I forgot to pay my annual filing fees of $138.75 to the state of Florida for my LLC which was created on 9/30/09. Obviously my bad that I thought they were due on the anniversary of the formation of my LLC!

Low and behold I further was informed that I owed an additional $400.00 for not filing in May which is when ALL filing fees are due regardless of when a corporation or LLC was formed in this state! further more, unless I pay the Sherriff of Notingham Forrest by the last Friday of this month, my LLC will be disolved by the state!

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