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I've been a DG family member since 4/09 and a Success Academy student since 7/09. I live in Delray Beach. My goal is to establish a wholesale business for residentail properties here in southeast Florida (Palm Beach County) and beyond.

My backround includes real estate brokerage, mortgage origination & placement, resort hospitality & class A self storage management, land development and custom home construction.

I've been a casual observer until now! My goal is to establish a Palm Beach County marketing network that hopefully will include other DG family members. My hope is that we will all enjoy working together ... making lots of money ...and becoming a recognized force to contend with. Our goal will be to promote the highest level of professionalism and integrity.

My hobbies include scuba diving, swimming, sport fishing and cheering on my favorite NASCAR driver (hint #14). I enjoy attending as many NASCAR, NHRA drag and power boat races (100 foot high rooster tails gives me goose bumps!) as I can each season. I try never to miss a classic or muscle car show and have a burning passion for all things that go fast!.

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I'm now a full time real estate investor.
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Welcome Gifts!


Click on the Links in my Profile and download the attachment files within the posts.

There are some great downloadable resources here for you to use.

Don't forget to finish your profile, upload a picture, tell us some great stuff about yourself, add your location because you never know when someone may want to partner with you!
MOST OF ALL......Have Fun!

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Form an Investing Group

Ralph - Sounds good to put together a group/association for PBC. But aren't there any already just not DGers. I like your additude in what you're saying. There's plenty of deals to go around. The more we work together, helping one another out the better we all get and the more deals we all do. I've been reading a variety in RE books and programs from a variety of people like Dean. The one thing I find in reading people's blogs on this site is that there seems to be a shortage of buyers in all three catagories. I'm looking to have a knowledgeable diverse team to present an answer to all the bank REO's to be able to turn them around with a win-win situation for everyone. To do this we need all the right people in place to present the strength and diverse ability our group can offer. This will give the banks the confidence to work with us.

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REI club

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Did you form the REI club in WPB? Just moved back down here....need to network like crazy and do some business!