Running Comps

Greetings DG Family,

I need help on how to run comps, I would really appreciate it very much if I get a response.

Running Comps

I'm not sure if you ever got any help on your question because it's nearly 5 months old. I'm new to the website and to REI so I was just doing some research. The way that I do my comps is using Dean's powerfull tool, It'll give you three estimates (one each from zillow, eppraisal, and totalview) based on the address you put in. It takes that info and compares it to what's in the area. What I do is add all three numbers and divide them by three to give the average of all three. This I use the Fare Market Value or FMV. I will use this as my baseline number to see if their asking price is close or if we're not even in the same galaxy. I am by no means an expert, but I believe this information will be about as close as you will get from any real estate agent. Hope this helps and happy investing.

Liberty Kat's picture will show Comparative Sales Data (Sold Comps) for your subject property!
And reveals comps and sales (cash buyers) and notes.
~Kat Laughing out loud

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