Salem Mass 01970 and surrounding areas and Maine

I NOW HAVE 4 Realtor s and acquiring lists on expired listings and Bank owned and foreclosures etc.
Still putting things in place.
Been reading all the Journals.
If anyone wants to team up for success drop me a note and lets do it.

45% of fmv

I need a partner or adviser.I have found a 2-unit that is turnkey for 75k.owners are desperate.I am partnering with my mother but we will take on another.We have assets.A 3 year old home fmv180k also seven acres of do i get this cash.This is 2 three bedroom with rent at 850per.PM me with your number if you want in or can finance.

Need Az MESA seller

Need a serious seller in Az to walk my buyer through a deal.She needs a 2bd under 100k,PM me

Would help if people Dated All Notices

I have found in many areas people don't date material

It would help all to see the dates of all material.


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