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Billyjack Curtis
Bath Maine
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I am a lobsterman and getting to old for much as i love the ocean i need to put my family first.I have a angel in my life who goes by jesse.Jesse has two little ones.4 year old twins.boy Shamus.Girl Shilee.I am in the process of enrolling for another semester online as this is my offseason.As much as i enjoy the excitement of my job it is only 8 months of the year.i am always trying to find new revenue streams.working on a system to capitalize on the lost money program.I have a very primal need to do better.better for my jesse better for my kids better for the people in my life.

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First deal....maybe

I am viewing a property saturday withe an estates agent.I initially emailed an offer ant 50%of the assesed has been listed for nearly 8 months with this agent.was previously reduced twice by 66% of orignal price.i have been told i am getting ahead of family is counting on me and i dont wanna screw it up.Any advice.

Is there a reason why i am

Is there a reason why i am not getting any feedback or am i just impatient.


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