San Antonio, Texas REI

Welcome to the San Antonio group! The goals of this group are to network with other investors in the San Antonio and surrounding areas, put some deals together, and support each other in our efforts. The only requirement to join this group is a positive attitude. Investors with all levels of experience welcome!

Calling All DGers in San Antonio and Surrounding Areas!!

I'm looking for Bird Dogs and Wholesalers. Whether you're just getting started or done a number of deals, reach out to me. I recently completed my first full rehab and am looking for the next one. I have funding, contractor, and other team members in place. Looking specifically for off market deals.

I would prefer to speak to you on the phone or in person but you can leave a comment on this post, private message me, or send me an e-mail for my specific criteria.

Also, I'm interested in getting a DG meetup started. This would be an opportunity for fellow DGers to get together and network. I'm willing to share my rehab story and what I'm doing to find my next deal. Anyone interested? If so, let's get the conversation started below.

REIA meetings in San Antonio

Hello DGers
I just wanted to pass on some information about a couple of local REIA meetings that go on here in San Antonio.

One is the REI LADS (they can be found on the Meetup website). They typically meet on the last Thursday of every month (actually meeting tomorrow 31 Jan). I've been to this meeting. There is no cost. Great location downtown. They've partnered with a tech group so they often have some kind of social media marketing tip to open their meetings. Good mix of newbies and seasoned investors. NO SALES pitches! Just good sharing of information, passing along deals, and networking.

Bandit Signs - Succesful or Not?

Hello Fellow San Antonio DGers
I'm curious to know how many of you actively investing or pursuing investing use bandit signs as a marketing strategy? And if so, how successful are your campaigns?

I can say I've done several campaigns in different areas around San Antonio and results have been abysmal. I usually run my campaign on the weekend though have started leaving them out during the week, with no better results.

Leave a post and let the rest of us know about your successes or failures.

To our success!

Real estate investors needed


My name is Jerry and I'm looking for real estate investors who invest or want to in the Corpus Christi area or know people who invest in the Corpus Christi area. I would like to work with you. You can send me a private message or go to my account to reach me.


Jerry Flores

DG Meet up San Antonio

Hello DGers. I'm inviting everyone to a meetup on Tuesday July 5th at 7:00 P.M. at the Omni Colonnade in San Antonio. There is another investor group that meets there that evening. This is an opportunity for DGers to get together and should there not be a great DG turnout those that show up will have an opportunity to meet other investors, contractors, etc. There were close to 100 investors at the last meetup this group organized. I plan to attend. Send me a PM if you would like additional information. Fish

Meetup in San Antonio

I've contacted a few of you through PMs and promised to send information on an informal get together. I've set something up for next Saturday 14 May at 1000. The meeting will be in San Antonio with the actual location TBD. This will be an opportunity to meet other investors, discuss goals, and chart a way ahead for the group. More to come...

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